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Welcome to our website about quieter living.

We started this blog when we made some changes in our apartment ourselves to allow ourselves a little more peace and quiet at home.

When you work in a big city, there is often a lot of noise around you. And in our own apartment, too, we no longer had the feeling of being really quiet.

In any case, many people are exposed to high levels of noise on a daily basis. And these high noise levels are a stress factor for the body and can even make you sick.

Noise and noise can penetrate your own four walls from all sides, for example from your dear neighbors, the stairwell or the street in front of the door.

Lawn mowers, leaf blowers, cars or construction sites often make the most annoying noise when you want to relax at home. Unfortunately, you cannot turn off such sources of noise yourself, so you have to take other measures.

It is not uncommon to find annoying sources of noise even in your own apartment. This could be household appliances or other devices, for example.

We wanted to start with both points and on the one hand keep the noise away from the outside and also eliminate as many sources of noise as possible in our own apartment.

However, it’s not that easy at all. At the beginning we tried to clarify at which point we would like to start. Indeed, the first purchase was a quiet keyboard for the computer. That sounds trivial, but it actually got us started on the topic of quiet living.

Bit by bit, we then identified other sources of noise at home that we wanted to gradually turn off.

But of course we also looked for strategies to protect ourselves from outside noise. And in this regard, too, you are not as helpless as we initially thought.

There are numerous ways to implement soundproofing , soundproofing and soundproofing in your own four walls. And very cheap measures for noise protection are often very popular.

So you don’t always have to spend the same amount of money or even take structural measures to effectively protect yourself from noise. Often it is the small changes that can bring considerable relief.

In our blog we would like to introduce new ideas, tips and tricks bit by bit, which protect against noise and noise at home.

Perhaps you will discover one or the other idea on our blog that can also be helpful for you.