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Best Car Polish 2023: Give Your Paintwork A New Shine

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Over time, the paintwork on your vehicle wears off. This can have various reasons such as the weather, falling rocks or the careless neighbor in the parking lot. With the help of a car polish, slight scratches can be polished out and the paintwork can be brought to a new shine.

However, there is a wide variety of car polishes on the market and the prices vary like day and night. So that you do not end up with an ineffective product, but a real price-performance winner, we write this article.

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Difference between car polish and car wax

First of all, we want to explain the difference between a polish and a wax. Because even today, in the age of the Internet, laypeople often do not know what they are actually good for and how to use them correctly. They are also often counted as one and the same product, although that is complete nonsense and can completely destroy the paintwork of the car if used incorrectly. Basically, these two products are the exact opposite of each other.

Car polish

The car polish works like a light abrasive for the paint surface. Rubbing in removes a tiny layer of the topcoat (or wax, if you applied it before). This removes unevenness in the paint, such as damaged, faded or oxidized paint, and exposes a new layer. The polish even removes grease and dirt residues on the paintwork.

Car wax

The car wax, on the other hand, is applied to the paint surface to protect it. High-quality wax has its price, but – if applied correctly – ensures a weeks-long gloss and protective effect. Since waxes are usually made from substances that are difficult to dissolve in water, they are not washed off the next time it rains, but rather what is known as “pearl formation” occurs.
So remember: If the paint on your vehicle needs a little beauty treatment, then first remove any unevenness with a polish, and then protect the new layer with a quality wax!

The 5 best car polishes

1. Autoglym Super Resin Polish

A well-known and above all popular brand in the car world is Autogylm, and should not be missing in any garage! Although the company offers a wide range of car care products, the Autoglym Super Resin Polish * remains the ideal basis for a glossy and well-cared for paintwork . It is not for nothing that the car polish from the United Kingdom has already been awarded numerous prizes.

It is also very easy to use: Simply apply it to the car paint, which has been thoroughly cleaned and dried, and spread and work in with a microfiber cloth or a polishing machine. The car polish removes grease from the paintwork and removes light scratches and tired spots from the clearcoat layer.

You can find a nice experience report on Autoglym Super Resin Polish in the garage talk .

2. Turtle Wax Renew Polish

Turtle Wax is also a very well-known and long-established brand in the automotive industry. No wonder, because the Turtle Wax Renew Polish * also offers an ideal basis for freshening up the paint surface and impresses with its excellent result.

It removes everyday signs of wear and tear as well as light scratches and breathes new life into the old, faded paintwork.

Despite great results, we would like to suggest to you once again that a car polish cannot work miracles, and that for some damage in the paintwork, only professional reconditioning at a workshop you trust will help.

3. Dodo Juice Need For Speed

Even though car polish and car wax are usually two different car care products, there are some products on the market that offer a 2-in-1 solution. One such product is the Dodo Juice Need for Speed *, which promises a powerful and shiny car paint in a flash.

The cleaning properties are the same as any other car polish. Simply apply and distribute with a microfiber cloth or a polishing machine and remove superficial scratches and unevenness from the clear coat. The included car wax provides an extra great shine and a thin protective layer, which according to the company should last between 2 and 3 weeks.
Important: The manufacturer himself says that the wax it contains is definitely not a substitute for high-quality car wax!

4. Auto Finesse Tripple

 The Auto Finesse Tripple * is, as the name suggests, a 3-in-1 car polish. Here, polish, glaze and wax have been combined in a single product. Of course, the effect is not the same as that of a quality car wax, but it is still a solid option to make your car shine.

Despite the 3-in-1 formula, it is applied like any other car polish. Simply apply to the paint surface, rub in and polish with a microfiber cloth or a polishing machine. The addition of carnauba (obtained from the carnauba palm) provides a protective layer on the paint and protects it from water, dirt and other weather conditions.

5. T-Cut Rapid Scratch Remover

 The last product on our list comes from England and is distributed by the manufacturer T-CUT. Unlike the other car polishes we have presented, the T-CUT Rapid Scratch Remover * is not used on the entire vehicle. It was specially developed to quickly and reliably remove small scratches, swirl marks and scuffs in the paint surface.

After the car has been washed and dried, simply apply the paste to the aforementioned areas and work it into the paint with circular movements. Then simply polish with a car polish as usual and wax if necessary. Done – and your vehicle will come to life!

Buy the best car polish

Before you decide on a car polish, you should definitely consider our 3 most important criteria:

  • Price: As already mentioned at the beginning of our article, the prices of the polishes differ greatly from each other. Pay attention to a decent price per liter and it is best to stick to the products of well-known manufacturers so as not to be ripped off!
  • Additions: Some manufacturers mix additives such as waxes or glazes into the car polish in order to reduce the workload and improve the result. A good thing in itself. However, if you prefer to apply a high-quality wax for the perfect result, you should avoid these additives. Because it is well known that too many cooks spoil the broth.
  • Expectations: Do not set your expectations too high and if necessary turn them down a gear. Car polishes are not a panacea and really only there to touch up simple, unsightly unevenness in the paint surface. If your vehicle has suffered extreme, deep scratches or other serious scrapes, then you should seek advice from your trusted workshop.

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