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Best Chin-Up Bar 2022: Efficient Upper Body Workout At Home

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Sport is not only important for our health, but also to feel fit and comfortable in our own body. So for a better conscience, we register at the gym around the corner in spring, pay our membership month after month, but still avoid the 100 meters that separate us from our dream body every day. Somewhere understandable .. because you feel best in your own four walls, without any strangers.

Fortunately, there are now enough opportunities to set up your own home gym. Whether it’s simple dumbbells with a couple of kettleballs to cover most of the basics. A barbell including a weight bench. Or would you prefer a whole multi-gym for an efficient full-body workout? But training with your own body weight is also a very popular and, above all, inexpensive method for at home. The well-known push-ups, sit-ups, a couple of ab-rollers or the pull-up bar are best for this.

Exercising with the pull-up bar is one of the best back exercises, and is ideal if you want a wider cross. But other muscles such as the biceps are also used and effectively trained.

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The 4 best pull-up bars


The Adidas chin-up bar * is an inexpensive and at the same time effective home training device to get your upper body in shape. It is made of sturdy material and can hold a maximum body weight of 110 kg, which is a perfectly acceptable value for a door bar chin-up bar. In addition, it has 4 grip positions which allow different pull-ups for biceps, shoulders and back.

The assembly of the Adidas chin-up bar is child’s play thanks to the height adjustability. Simply snap the bracket into place at the appropriate height and hang it in the door frame (pay attention to the product description and pictures before buying, as the width of the pull-up bar is not adjustable).


The Weider Power Tower * is a free-standing multi-station with the focus on being able to complete several exercises for training the upper body muscles on just one device. These include dips, pull-ups, push-ups, pulling exercises, etc. At just 40 kg, the device allows a maximum body weight of an incredible 135 kg. The two foam-padded armrests and the ergonomic backrest, which ensures the correct posture during the various training units, catch the eye.

Since the multistation is too big for transport, it is delivered in smaller individual parts and has to be reassembled on site. The steps are self-explanatory and the time spent on them is made up for with efficient training.


Also free-standing is the Bowflex Body Tower * which advertises with its 7 adjustment levels and the resulting 18+ training exercises. The frame made of steel (including accessories) is designed with its 54.4 kg for an approximate user weight of 136 kg.

A special feature of the Body Tower that is worth mentioning is the properties of the materials that make up the contact points of the training device. The back padding is made of a non-absorbent EVA foam and the handles are made of a non-absorbent, microbial-resistant material. This means that they do not absorb any liquids during the sweaty training and therefore (purely theoretically) do not necessarily have to be cleaned. Nevertheless, we recommend that you clean the devices in your home gym regularly.

Since the Body Tower from Bowflex would also be too big to be shipped in the assembled state, this must also be set up independently. The manufacturer promises that this process is easy to manage and does not take longer than 30 minutes.


The Mirafit chin-up bar * stands for quality at a low price and is definitely the prettiest product that we present to you today. The pull-up bar comes with a glossy powder coating in black & silver and promises a maximum load capacity of up to ~ 150 kg (depending on the wall thickness). The fingerboard was designed so that you can take different positions with your hands to effectively train the desired muscle groups.

Yes, this pull-up bar is mounted on the wall and the wall mountings are of course included in the scope of delivery. All you have to do is take care of the drill to drill the holes in the wall.

Buy the best pull-up bar

Before you decide on a pull-up bar, you should definitely consider our 5 most important criteria:

  • Assembly: First of all, you should pay attention to how the pull-up bar is ultimately attached. Some are hung in the door frame, others are drilled into the wall or even into the ceiling. And then there are whole multi-stations where you can effectively train your upper body with a wide variety of exercises.
  • Size: The size of the product also depends on the assembly. Make sure you have enough space for the device and sufficient freedom of movement during exercise. The type of assembly varies depending on the options.
  • Maximum load capacity: You should also pay attention to the maximum load capacity of the pull-up bar. Although this is set high for most devices (over 100 kg), it would still be annoying and not exactly harmless if it gave way during training. Important: The maximum load capacity of pull-up bars that are attached to the wall or ceiling depends on the wall or ceiling thickness.
  • Grip positions: The more grip positions are possible, the more different training exercises are possible. So if you want to train all muscle groups of the upper body, pay attention to many different ways to grip or opt for a multi-station right away.
  • Materials: All of the products presented here are made of stable materials and should not give in to the load (provided the maximum weight is not exceeded), but there are also some devices that work with special properties. For example the Body Tower from Bowflex, which is equipped with extra hygienic materials at the contact points.

Pull-up bar: frequently asked questions

Are chin-up bars safe?

A quality pull-up bar that is properly installed is completely safe to use. Before you hang onto the bar with your full weight, however, test it out a little beforehand. If everything stays in place and nothing slips, training can begin!

The stability of a pull-up bar depends on the type of assembly and attachment to the wall or door frame. Free-standing multi-stations, if assembled correctly, have the lowest risk.
Tip:  If you still have concerns about falling , you can simply place a training mat ( e.g. from Mirafit *) under the sports equipment to cushion a possible fall.

How much weight can a chin-up bar hold?

Of course, that depends on the type and model of the pull-up bar. A multi-station that is firmly on the floor can often carry more than 150 kg. Pull-up bars for the door frame create around 110 kg and bars attached to the wall can also carry a weight of up to 150 kg, depending on the wall thickness.

Basically, all pull-up bars can easily carry an average build adult. When choosing, just pay attention to a maximum user weight which is about 20-25 kg above your own body weight.

Do chin-up bars damage the door?

No. Pull-up bars for the door or the door frame cannot damage them in the first place, as they are only hooked into place. However, in order to avoid possible signs of wear such as scratches, when buying a pull-up bar, pay attention to the minimum and maximum supported door width.

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