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Best Cordless Screwdrivers 2022: The Compact And Convenient Solution For Screwdrivers

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For furniture assembly, for opening covers, or for normal screwing. A cordless screwdriver is quickly at hand, thanks to its compact design it can be used anywhere, and is also easy on the wrist.

The manual screwing into wood, plaster of paris, concrete and other materials is not only super exhausting for you, but above all for the wrist and can lead to RSI syndrome if done regularly .

A good cordless screwdriver makes work much easier for the user and, in combination with a bit box, ensures sufficient flexibility. So you never have to look for the right screwdriver again, which in the worst case, slipped into the endless abyss during the last use.

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The 5 best cordless screwdrivers


Right at the beginning of our list we have the Hitachi DB3DL2 *, which is not only suitable for professionals but also for absolute beginners. The two batteries with lithium-ion technology ensure sufficient power with a maximum torque of 5.0 Nm.

The main features of this cordless screwdriver include the adjustable handle, which enables a straight and pistol-like shape, the quick-release hexagonal bit holder (suitable for most bits) for a quick change of the bits and a locking function that prevents the screwdriver from being triggered unintentionally prevented.

The lightweight of just 0.45 kg is a real price-performance winner and, if operated correctly, is guaranteed to last. On request, the Hitachi DB3DL2 is also available with an 18-piece or 60-piece bit set.


The Bosch PSR Select * comes directly from our German company on our list of the best cordless screwdrivers and impresses with its unique and sophisticated design. Thanks to the Bosch “EasySelect” mechanism, you can switch between 12 integrated standard bits (including IKEA bit) while working with the device. Simply unlock the transparent, rotatable box with the push of a button and remove the correct bit. Easy as pie and the eternal search is finally over!

Weighing just 0.5 kg, the PSR Select is not difficult to hold even over a longer period of time and with its powerful lithium-ion battery it still provides sufficient torque of a maximum of 4.5 Nm. A compact micro-USB charger is responsible for uncomplicated and simple charging of the battery.

As usual for Bosch, there should be no lack of convenience even with the smallest tools. This is why this cordless screwdriver has a battery level indicator and a directional light for maximum convenience when working.


Probably the cheapest cordless screwdriver on our list is the Worx WX252 XTD * and yet it can boast enough functions.

With the help of the patented, extendable drive shaft, difficult areas that are not permitted for other screwdrivers can be reached. In order to find the right screw even in the dark, the WX252 XTD is equipped with a practical LED light that reliably illuminates every work area.

The automatic spindle lock, which enables screws to be tightened and loosened manually, is also practical. This is particularly useful when the screws are a little tighter and the 3 Nm motor reaches its limits.


Like almost all products in the Ryobi series, the Ryobi Ergo cordless screwdriver * also impresses with its performance and robustness and at a reasonable price.

The Ryobi Ergo advertises primarily with its lithium-ion battery, which according to its own information enables up to 40% longer working hours and, thanks to the electronic control, even delivers up to 20% more power. Definitely a strong announcement to all opponents!

The Ergo-Tech handle with anti-slip coating, together with the integrated LED light, ensures more comfort, safety and better control when working with the cordless screwdriver.


Finally, we would like to introduce you to a screwdriver for the small budget. The Black & Decker AS6NG * is not rechargeable but battery operated, but still perfect for smaller jobs and gentle on the wrist.

With its electric motor, which is powered by simple AA batteries (4 pieces are included), this screwdriver is ideally suited to master everyday things that require a screwdriver. If the power of the motor is not sufficient, it can also be blocked to enable manual screwing.

In addition to the batteries, the scope of delivery also includes a slotted bit and a cross bit.

Buy the best cordless screwdriver

Before you decide on a cordless screwdriver, you should definitely consider our 4 most important criteria:

  • Brand: Big, well-known brands are not always a sign of great quality, even experienced manufacturers sometimes bring a rather mediocre product onto the market. Even so, these are a good place to start when looking for the right product. It is better to invest a few more euros in good technology and avoid bad China copies. In the field of power tools, we can safely recommend products from Black & Decker, Bosch, Dewalt and Makita.
  • Design: Before buying, you need to decide on a clear shape – straight or pistol-shaped? Both forms have their advantages and disadvantages: Screwdrivers in particular are usually a bit more compact and may be better suited for particularly narrow areas. Pistol-shaped screwdrivers, on the other hand, can work “around the corner”, are more convenient to use and in most cases are equipped with an LED light. If you don’t want to miss the advantages of both forms, we can recommend the Hatachi DB3DL2 * to you .
  • Power (Volt): Volt means power and that’s what you want! With enough power in the motor, projects can be completed quickly and precisely and even tight screws can be loosened easily and without brute force. Most cordless screwdrivers on the market come with at least 3.5V, and we recommend that too.
  • Running time: Depending on the application, the running time of the cordless screwdriver is of great importance. If you only use this at home now and then, the running time is honestly not that important. Simply recharge it after excessive use and it is good. However, if you are planning larger projects and in the worst-case scenario even outside and without power supply, then you should ensure the longest possible runtime and replacement batteries.

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