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Best Office Chair 2022: Find The Best Chair For Your Home Office

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There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different chairs on the market, so it’s hard to find the best office chair. To make your search easier, we scoured the Internet and compared dozens of chairs using various criteria and opinions from real customers. In the end we made a list and wrote a detailed article about all office chairs that met our criteria. Et voilà – here it is!

Whether in the low budget or premium range, we have found a suitable chair for every budget and body shape. Office chairs range in an unbelievably large price segment from just € 100 to well over € 1,000 (!) That sounds like a lot of gravel, and we don’t even want to deny that, but we can say that from experience A good office chair lasts well over 10 years and a high-quality product from a well-known manufacturer is definitely worth the money.

But fear not .. as already mentioned there are dozens of chairs on the market and you have a huge selection of different manufacturers and models. No matter in which price segment you want to move. No matter what color, size or shape you prefer. You will definitely find your very own best office chair.

One last tip: The manufacturers of office chairs very often start large discount campaigns on Amazon.de. So if you are a real bargain hunter, keep your eyes peeled!

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The 7 best office chairs


The Ikea Markus office chair * comes, as the name suggests, from the Swedish furniture company IKEA (and yes, they offer a larger selection of office chairs, as you might think at first). Although the Markus is not the ultimate bargain compared to other IKEA products, it offers everything you can expect from an office chair, and at a very fair price.

It is equipped with a large, comfortable back mesh, lumbar support, sturdy armrests and easy height and tilt adjustment. You can also regulate and lock the inclination to provide increased stability and control in different seat inclinations.


Herman Miller is a large US furniture manufacturer based in Michigan and primarily produces high-quality products such as the Herman Miller Aeron Remastered *. It is the successor to the famous “Aeron Classic” and, according to the manufacturer, is even lighter, more ergonomic and more stylish!

The office chair works entirely without upholstery, because the seat and back are made of Pellicle membrane, which prevents sweating and ensures a high level of air circulation. The patented “PostureFit” technology provides ergonomic stability for the back and pelvis. The armrests are also made of vinyl and are therefore particularly easy to care for and durable. In addition, these are adjustable in height and depth.

So if you have the spare change, then you should definitely take a closer look at the Aeron Remastered! Also worth mentioning is the 12 year warranty from Herman Miller. So if you discover any defects after 10 years, you can contact the manufacturer and they will find a solution to the problem.


The Office Hippo Executive Office Chair * is a real price-performance winner , and unlike the designer chairs by Herman Miller, this one will not break your bank account. The product has been ergonomically designed so that you do not have to worry about harmful posture.

A stable mesh back, an integrated lumbar support and additional padding for the seat ensure comfortable sitting and working at the desk. Of course, the whole chair is height adjustable and the angle of inclination can also be adjusted as desired. To round off the range of functions, the two armrests and the headrest can also be fully adjusted using the synchromechanism.


Sihoo’s ergonomic office chair * is also in the middle price segment and impresses with its ergonomic aspects (which is definitely a must when sitting for hours and should not be underestimated!). Mesh back, lumbar support and the W-shaped design of the seat ensure comfortable and healthy sitting pleasure. In addition, almost every component of the chair is adjustable and can be perfectly adapted to your own needs.

Much emphasis was placed on breathable materials as well as high quality and easy assembly. The ergonomic office chair from Sihoo has been BIFMA and SGS certified and is designed for a maximum load capacity of up to 150kg. Unfortunately, we were unable to find precise information on the guarantee. According to the manufacturer, you can simply contact them if you have a problem with the product and they will send you the corresponding parts free of charge (as soon as the problem has been confirmed).


Yes, gaming chairs also belong on this list. Why? Because these were designed for hours of sitting and, above all, high-quality models easily meet all the criteria of an ergonomic office chair. This is also the case with the Vertagear trigger 350 gaming chair *, which with its ergonomic, red-black design is an eye-catcher as soon as you enter the room. The 350 in the name is due to the fact that the chair consists of an incredible 350 individual parts.

The gaming chair was made of an aluminum alloy frame to provide sufficient stability but at the same time a lower weight. The materials used are of high quality and carefully selected (which is what you can expect at this price). As with all office chairs in the medium to high price range, the components of the Vertagear trigger 350 are almost completely adjustable.


The Herman Miller Sayl office chair * shows that the American furniture manufacturer has not rested on the success of the Aeron . It not only looks super stylish and reminds you of a modern suspension bridge when you see it, it is also ergonomically shaped and is characterized by its extreme durability. We are of the opinion that this unique copy is one of the best office chairs of 2020 and should not be missing in any home office, provided the piggy bank has not yet been slaughtered.

As with the Aeron Remastered model, the backrest is equipped with the “PostureFit” technology and supports your back and pelvis in optimal posture. In addition, the backrest has 3 different degrees of inclination (91, 101 and 124 degrees). Of course, the seat height can also be adjusted as required and the castors are made of durable nylon and are particularly gentle on carpets.

The only negative thing we noticed was the fact that the armrests are not height-adjustable. This is a bit of a shame, but in our opinion no reason to remove this chair from your wish list. As with almost all Herman Miller products, points do, namely the 12 year guarantee. So if you encounter any problems after purchasing, we’d be happy to help!


Would you like a combination of office chair and stool? The Hag Capisco Puls 8010 * is intended for all those who often have to get up and move. With their Capisco Puls, the Norwegian brand HÅG offers a minimalist, yet stylish office chair that is bursting with functions.

The backrest is ergonomically shaped and brings your back into a stable and healthy posture. In addition, the seat inclination can be locked backwards and the seat depth can also be easily adjusted. The seat height is adjustable by means of a safety gas spring (200 mm) and thanks to the “BalancedMovement” mechanism, a free-flowing sequence of movements forwards and backwards is ensured. The castors of the anatomically shaped aluminum star base are made of a soft material as standard and are therefore ideal for hard and low carpets (according to the manufacturer, however, these can be exchanged for hard castors on request).

Buy the best office chair

Before you decide on an office chair, you should definitely consider our 6 most important criteria:

  • Price: The price differences for office chairs can hardly be more different. In most cases, cheap chairs (under € 300) are made of cheaper plastic and metal, and the design is often no different from other manufacturers. From around 500 € you get chairs made of high-quality materials, many functions and a long warranty of 12 years (!) We therefore recommend spending a little more money on a good office chair than getting annoyed about defects after a very short time.
  • Comfort: The most important thing about an office chair – it has to be comfortable over a longer period of time. But since every person and every body is different, we recommend that you try a new chair for at least 30 minutes before you finally decide on it. Tip: If you buy your office chair online, you can test it at home and send it back within 14 days if it does not meet your requirements.
  • Adaptability: The more adjustable the components of a chair, the more people can comfortably use it. So pay attention to whether and how the most important components can be adapted. Whether seat height, arm height, inclination or depth adjustment. Good adaptability is an important criterion for an office chair.
  • Longevity and materials: The best office chair should last at least as long as its guarantee is valid, in the best case even longer. Cheap chairs will begin to squeak or make other strange noises after a while. But even cheaper materials wear out quickly with regular use and look unattractive. Of course, things can go wrong even with a high-quality office chair … but a loose armrest is easier to correct than a totally tattered seat. Therefore, pay attention to high-quality materials and good workmanship.
  • Design: Although other criteria should come first for an office chair, we understand that a certain coherence should not be missing, especially in the home office. Therefore our tip: Pick a chair that you like and then check whether it also meets the other requirements.
  • Guarantee: Manufacturers of inexpensive office chairs often only give a limited guarantee of 1 to 2 years, which in some cases does not even cover normal wear and tear. Established manufacturers of high-quality office chairs, on the other hand, usually give a guarantee of at least 10 years and are happy to help if something breaks. We can therefore only repeat ourselves and recommend to you – it is better to spend a little more money on the best office chair and benefit from the many advantages.

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