Inks or Toners? Let’s Solve The Dilemma And Save

    ink or toner

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    Not sure if inks or toners are the right choice for you? In order to solve this doubt, it is important to know the characteristics of your product or to know how to choose a printer, if you don’t have your own printer yet.

    But let’s repeat briefly. The biggest difference between inkjet and laser printers lies in the fact that an inkjet printer uses ink and is therefore more suitable for printing small amounts of text and is the traditional choice of home users, while a laser printer uses toner and is optimal for large amounts of printing and is used in most cases for professional purposes, but not exclusively.

    Furthermore, inkjet printers are usually cheaper, smaller, but also more versatile, so you can print text documents, high-quality images, especially photos. But be careful with cheap inkjet printers, although the investment seems more favorable in the beginning, in the end it will cost you a real small fortune. Also, keep in mind that if you don’t use your inkjet printer often, there is a possibility that the ink will dry out. If this is not the case, and you often print small quantities of documents and color images, then an inkjet printer is just for you.

    On the other hand, a laser printer is an initially more expensive option, toners are also expensive, but in the end you will compensate for everything with the quantity and price of printing per page, as well as with a significant speed.

    If you love photography or do it professionally, professional photo inkjet printers are the solution. They are specially designed to bring out the vividness of the photos themselves and use pigment-based ink that is more resistant to fading and allows printing on different types and sizes of art papers.

    But let’s finally clarify what is ink and what is toner.

    How does a printer even create a print? So, inkjet printers spray liquid ink through microscopic nozzles onto paper, kind of like writing with a ballpoint pen. The ink consists of 99% distilled and possibly deionized water to which color pigments are added to obtain the desired color.

    A laser printer, on the other hand, is essentially a toner-based printer that uses a laser beam to create an image on a drum and then electrically attracts powdered toner to the paper to transfer the image. Toners consist of dried carbon and several polymers that are thrown out and stick to the paper by frying at a high temperature. In addition to this difference, there is also a difference in the speed and quality of printing. Compared to ink printing of a document, when we talk about speed, toner is clearly ahead. There is no significant difference when printing documents, but if you often print pictures and photos, the toner shows its advantages in color transitions, which in this case are much finer.

    So inkjet uses ink while laser uses powder. It should be noted that inkjet printers do not always leave stains, as is commonly believed, especially not those that use pigment ink. It is true that it takes longer for the ink to dry. Undeniably, it also depends on the paper you are printing on, some types of paper simply absorb ink worse.

    Print quality

    Quality itself is measured by the result you get and whether it is what you are looking for. We have already emphasized that if you are printing photos, choose a professional photo inkjet printer. But if you need a reliable printer, then it is still a laser printer. A common perception is that inkjet printers are better for color printing while laser printers are better for black and white printing. With the advancement of technology, laser printers have begun to produce impressive color prints, so if you want to print photos of medium quality, you can enjoy the advantages of laser printers, their durability, reliability, and economic advantages.

    Let’s try to summarize what you should be guided by when buying:

    • monochrome laser printers are great for text documents
    • color printers are great for text, documents and can print medium quality photos (eg family photos for personal use).
    • inkjet photo printers are excellent for high-quality photos with a wide range of colors and tonal depth. They are best when you print the entire photo gallery.

    Print speed

    Laser printers are designed to meet business requirements, therefore they have a higher print speed of 15 to 100 pages per minute, while inkjet printers print around 16 pages per minute. Because laser printers are faster, they can produce more documents and ultimately have a higher monthly print volume.


    The initial price of a laser printer is much higher, so this is its main disadvantage. Inkjet printers are truly cheaper today so you can get them for less than HRK 300.
    Also, just as inkjet and laser printers differ greatly in price, the prices of laser and inkjet printer cartridges also vary greatly. Laser printer cartridges, also known as toner cartridges, can print significantly more pages than any ink cartridge.

    There are many brands on the market today. Some are world famous and have a reasonably high turnover. It is extremely important that, in addition to the cost of purchasing the printer itself, you take care of the toners, i.e. inks, so that the purchase is profitable in the long term.

    You’ve probably used HP cartridges at some point in your life. Canon technology boasts uncompromising results. Samsung emphasizes that it significantly reduces the cost of productivity, while Epson is the favorite choice of offices and companies. All of them have a similar product that has acquired the most positive attributes with the advancement of technology. Precisely because of the great competition, customers have the opportunity to choose and choose a long-term profitable product.

    Taking into account that the economic item is one of the most important nowadays, besides the original toners and inks, there are also replacement toners and inks.

    Replacement inks


    The amount of money you spend on ink cartridges can easily cost more than what you originally paid for the printer, especially if you have one of those budget-friendly models. In this case, the only salvation for your wallet is to buy replacement inks.

    Replacement inks are much cheaper than the original brands – sometimes even up to 75% cheaper! Before you shell out money for a printer, check if you can get an alternative i.e. replacement ink for your existing printer. Due to the progress of technology and the increasing demands of the market, the quality of replacement inks does not deviate from the original, so there is no fear regarding the quality of printing. So if replacement cartridges offer the same quality for much less money, why does anyone still buy ‘original’ cartridges? The answer might surprise you: it comes down to the widely held belief that third-party cartridges can damage the printer they’re using. In reality, the chances of this happening are extremely low thanks to advances in technology.

    Replacement toners

    The difference between original and replacement toners is that original toners are manufactured by the same company as your printer, while replacement toners are made by a different company. Replacement toners are just as functional and reliable as the original toners, even some companies have produced better quality replacements than the original toners.

    Replacement toners and inks are not only financially more profitable than the originals, but by using them we also take care of protecting the environment.
    As not all replacement inks and toners are recommended, and those of lower quality can destroy the printer, it is advisable to buy replacement inks and toners of proven quality .

    Adler® replacement inks and toners are recognized both in Croatia and in neighboring countries as a high-quality and affordable alternative. Years of development and presence on the market have resulted in recognition and trust among customers.

    Adler® the products have certificates that prove their equivalence to the original products, which ensures the reliability and longevity of the printer.

    So, whether you buy original or Adler® replacement inks or toners, make sure you buy from verified traders and that they possess the necessary certificates so that the quality you are used to and count on in your printer is not missing.

    We hope that we have helped you clear up your doubts, or at least made your choice easier.

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