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5 Tips For Better Window Sound Insulation

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This article is about window soundproofing and soundproofing for windows . We look at what can or cannot be done with relatively simple means on this matter.

For many people this is a sensitive issue, because you often only notice how important a quiet apartment is when you are permanently exposed to annoying noise in your own four walls.

That can have a pretty negative impact on the quality of life.

If this noise comes primarily from outside, for example from a busy or busy street, it can be helpful to take care of the window soundproofing.

Because there are actually some methods of making windows more soundproof and reducing the background noise from the outside, which are easy to implement and also do not cost the earth.

It does not matter whether it is the bedroom, the living room or another room.

Let’s start.

Window vulnerability

Every window is a weak point in the wall. If we had no windows in the outer wall, it would be much quieter in the apartment, as the brickwork can block out a lot more noise than windows can.

However, it would also be quite dark and we would feel very uncomfortable and anxious in our bunker. Not to mention the lack of opportunity to let in fresh air. So this is not an option.

In terms of noise protection, windows are so critical because they are of course much thinner than the surrounding masonry and come with large glass surfaces that can act like a sound bridge.

They are also like a big hole in the brickwork.

If sound hits a large glass surface such as a window, it can start to vibrate. You have probably already noticed that yourself with large glass surfaces. The sound is then transmitted to the masonry and we are annoyed by the noise in our apartment.

Larger window areas mean more noise

How much noise actually penetrates into the apartment from the outside depends largely on the area of ​​the windows. The more and the larger windows there are in the outer wall, the more noise can penetrate from the outside.

Conversely, of course, more window area means that there is less protective wall material.

As a rule, however, we cannot change the number and area of ​​the windows and usually have to deal with the existing conditions.

That is why we try to get the best out of window sound insulation at this point.

Insulating a door against noise is easier than window soundproofing , but that’s another topic.

Check the connection of the windows to the outside wall

With window soundproofing, it is of central importance that the window is tightly connected to the building. This connection takes place during the installation of the window.

If you have the opportunity, then you should check this connection or have it checked.

Because even the most expensive and best soundproof window in the world is of little use if the connection to the outer wall is not professionally executed and leakproof.

Check window rubber seals

We once had the case that too much street noise came through one of our windows, which at least had noise protection class 4.

At some point we noticed that audibly less noise was entering through this window if we pressed firmly against the window frame. That was an amazing effect as the pushing against the frame really did a lot in terms of soundproofing.

After we took a closer look at the window, we found that the rubber seals were no longer in order. In some places these seals only hung in the air and no longer had contact with the frame. They also looked old and porous.

After we replaced the rubber seals, the window soundproofing also improved and significantly more noise was kept out than before.

Paper test

In order to check the rubber seals, the so-called paper test can be done. To do this, take a thin sheet of paper and hold it between the window sash and the frame. Then the window is closed.

Now you try to pull out the paper. If the paper can be pulled out very easily and without resistance, then this is an indication that the seals are not fitting properly and that there is no contact pressure.

In such a leaky window, drafts, cold and sound can penetrate.

If the window element is set correctly, it can be assumed that the seals are defective and must be replaced.

So that the new rubber seal, such as this one here at Amazon * , also fits the window, you should take a close look at your old window seal before buying and buy it accordingly.

It is also important to determine how many meters of rubber seal is required for the corresponding window. But that shouldn’t be a problem.

Insulate roller shutter boxes for better window sound insulation

If high-quality roller shutters are correctly installed in the correct design, then they can significantly contribute to better sound insulation. Of course, only when these are down. But that should be clear ?

However, the roller shutter box can be a problem.

A roller shutter box can act like an open barn door in terms of sound insulation and let noise into the house almost unhindered. Especially when it is a non-insulated wooden box.

Therefore, a roller shutter box must have sufficient insulation. For this purpose, there are special insulation boards available in stores that are simply glued into the box.

Before these insulation rolls are glued, however, all joints and cracks in the box should be carefully sealed with silicone or sealing tape.

If you are now wondering what such insulating rollers for the roller shutter box look like, then take a look at these self-adhesive insulating rollers for the roller shutter box at Amazon * times * .

Hang up the soundproof curtain

A very simple and pretty way to improve the window soundproofing is to hang up a soundproof curtain.

Such a noise protection curtain has certain properties and is intended to ensure that sound is blocked from outside so that it is quieter inside.

Especially when it comes to soundproofing for the bedroom , such curtains are of course particularly suitable .

You can find more interesting information about this type of soundproofing in our article on the soundproof curtain.

Install soundproof window

If there are still very old windows in your outer wall, then you should definitely think about replacing the windows. Because very old windows with a low sound insulation class simply do not insulate as well as modern sound insulation windows.

While according to VDI 2719 windows of sound insulation class 1 only have to insulate 25 to 29 dB, windows of the widely used sound insulation class 4 already have to insulate 40 to 44 dB. With noise protection class 5 it is even 45 to 49 dB.

So that’s quite a difference.

However, the installation of soundproof windows should be left to professionals. Because the connection of the windows to the structure is of decisive importance in terms of sound insulation.

If mistakes are made here, even the best soundproof window is of little use.

And that would be quite a waste of time and money and also very annoying.

Conclusion on the window sound insulation

Even if you are not able to replace existing windows with better soundproof windows, there are still some ways to provide more window soundproofing.

It is important to check individually which measures promise the greatest benefit.

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