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Gaming Room Soundproofing

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I can still clearly remember how my parents used to complain about the noise when I played video games on the computer.

Video games can be pretty loud at times.

As a gamer, you probably know that it’s not just the graphics that are important, but also the sound. It’s really fun to turn up the volume to be really in the game.

In some games this is even necessary.

Gaming room soundproofing is therefore becoming increasingly important among gamers and streamers . So you have your own peace and quiet and disturb neighbors and family members as little as possible.

In addition, you don’t have to have a guilty conscience anymore when you have a long and intensive gaming session.

However, it is important to understand the difference between soundproofing and soundproofing .

In this article we will take a closer look at both in the context of gaming room ideas.

Which sound should be insulated in the gaming room sound insulation?

First you should ask yourself what kind of sound should be attenuated at all.

When it comes to gaming insulation, the sound of the game itself is usually not that important, as gamers often wear headphones or a headset.

For many gamers, it is actually more about the talk in Teamspeak, Discord, Skype or Mumble Voice Chat and the noise of the mechanical keyboard.

Both can be quite loud at times and disturb people in adjoining rooms considerably.

Effective gaming room soundproofing

The advantages of a professionally implemented gaming room soundproofing of the walls is that this usually works in two directions. Such sound insulation is possible in the following cases:

  • You are very loud yourself when playing and want to prevent your noise from penetrating other rooms
  • Your neighbor or roommate in the adjoining room is very noisy and you want to reduce the noise that is entering your room from outside.

Both are of course desirable goals for a gaming room.

However, professional gaming room soundproofing is not a matter that you do on the side. That is said beforehand.

Because if you really want to do it really well, you have to pull in a cladding that is decoupled from the wall and floor and filled with suitable insulating material such as mineral wool (glass and rock wool).

With this method, of course, some area is lost, but you get very good results in terms of sound insulation. However, such a measure is not for everyone and also not feasible everywhere.

A simpler method is to attach panels made of composite foam such as this one here at Amazon * to the critical walls.

This does not prevent outside noise from entering the room, but your own noise is insulated to a good extent and the actual goal of gaming room sound insulation is achieved.

Seal the door

A major weak point in any wall is of course the door. A lot of sound can penetrate through them in both directions.

You should therefore devote a large part of your attention to door sound insulation.

However, before you work on the door itself, for example applying more mass to the door, you can first try some tips from our article Sound insulation for the door .

For example, how about a soundproof curtain like this one here at Amazon * that you hang inside in front of the door?

Use a quiet gaming keyboard

Gaming keyboards are very often mechanical keyboards. That’s simply because they are precise and responsive. However, they have the disadvantage that they are relatively noisy to use.

quiet gaming keyboard could at least provide a little relief, even if one cannot expect any great miracles in terms of gaming sound insulation.

But often it is the sum of the measures taken.

A quiet gaming keyboard with CHERRY MX Silent key switch is an example of this popular model on Amazon * .

Gaming room soundproofing

Gaming room sound attenuation is primarily about achieving better surround sound through sound absorption.

You have probably already seen in videos that gamers have covered the wall with convoluted foam or pyramid foam.

This can be particularly important in streaming and voice chat when it comes to avoiding echo and making conversations more understandable.

Basically, it’s about improving the acoustics so that your colleagues can understand you better in voice chat and the sound can be better understood in streaming.

It is always a good idea to reduce the reverb in order to achieve good surround sound . Because reverberant rooms have a very negative effect on the intelligibility of conversations.

Cone foam can definitely be helpful in a gaming room. Because if the reverberation in the room is reduced, the room generally appears a little quieter.

In particular, self-adhesive convoluted foam like this one here at Amazon * is easy to process or easy to attach to the wall or walls.

But you can also buy normal convoluted foam and attach it to the wall with spray adhesive. That is cheaper then.


If you want to insulate your gaming room, there are a number of options open to you. First find out what type of noise is the main issue and then take the appropriate action.

Sometimes you can get pretty good results with just small improvements.

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