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Preventing Doors Slamming – This Is How You Secure Doors Against Slamming

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Who doesn’t know that: the relaxed silence is suddenly and completely unexpectedly disturbed by a deafening bang.

Bang, a door is slammed.

How can the popping doors can prevent and secures doors to slam, you will learn in this article.

Why do doors slam?

Once you know the problem, the solution is not far. So we should first take a look at why doors suddenly slam in the first place.

Doors usually slam for the following reasons:

Doors slam from drafts

Drafts in the home are arguably the most common cause of doors slamming.

It happened to me again the other day. I got up in the morning and, as always, opened the window in the bedroom.

Since the fresh air was so pleasant, I then opened the balcony door in the living room to properly ventilate the apartment. Fresh air is a must.

Then I went to breakfast. Suddenly I was startled by a really deafening blow, so that I almost fell off my chair.

The shock was deep and at first I didn’t even know where this loud bang was coming from.

But then I saw it. The bedroom door was slammed due to the draft in the apartment.

We speak of drafts when at least two opposite windows in the building are open and the pressure gradient creates an air flow.

Door slams

When a door slams shut with full force, it not only hurts your ears, but is also bad for the door and door frame.

Doors slam due to defects in the door

But the door can also slam due to defects in the door. For example, if the door is not perfectly vertical.

Other structural defects can also lead to doors slamming. Inclined walls, slopes and incorrectly adjusted door hinges can be responsible for this.

Such problems can be encountered, especially in old buildings. Such problems can also possibly be responsible for creaking doors .

But how can you prevent the doors from slamming? How can you secure the doors against slamming?

Possible solutions to prevent doors from slamming

If you want to prevent the doors from slamming in your own apartment, you have several options. We will look at these in the following.

Close the window

If drafts are the reason doors keep slamming, then the most obvious solution is of course to close the windows. This prevents drafts and thus the slamming of the doors.

Sure, sometimes you want to consciously provide a draft in order to ventilate the apartment properly. But at the latest when you lie down on the couch for a little nap, the draft should be over again.

Otherwise, you may be awakened roughly by a loud bang from a slamming door. How uncomfortable.

Even earplugs for sleeping would not help in such a case.

Install door closer / door damper


ABUS mini door closer for light interior doors

ABUS mini door closer for light interior doors *

  • Mini door closer for light interior doors
  • suitable for a door weight up to max. 20kg
  • No drilling – no screwing

Door closers are very practical and ensure that doors close safely and quietly. Open and slamming doors are a thing of the past.

Such door closers are known from house entrance doors, fire doors and many entrance doors of public buildings. These door closers are used whenever a door should not be or should not be open.

One might think that these practical devices are only used for entrance and exterior doors.

However, this is not the case.

Small door closers are also available for interior doors. For example, this ABUS mini door closer * is suitable for light interior doors with a door weight of max. 20 KG suitable.

However, this model * can be used for house entrance doors and apartment entrance doors .

Use doorstop

A simple and inexpensive way to prevent doors from slamming is to use door stoppers.

Wedge-shaped door stoppers are very effective. Such a door wedge is simply pushed under the door with the foot until it is firmly in place. The door can no longer slam.

This set of two door wedges, which is available here at Amazon * , is particularly recommended, for example, as the wedges are rubberized at the top and bottom and thus protect the door and floor.

These door stoppers are suitable for all floors and, thanks to their design, can also hold heavy doors.

Use finger trap protection for doors

Finger protection or a door stop made of foam are also simple and effective. While this small part does not prevent the door from moving, it does prevent the door from slamming into the frame with full force.

If there is such a protection on the door, then when the door is closed, the foam of the anti-trap protection hits the door frame and thus cushions the force of the door.

And finger trap protection also prevents your fingers from being trapped in the door.

Such protection is particularly recommended when there are children in the household.

This set of 6 finger trap protection foam door stoppers is available here on Amazon * .

Willful doors slam

Unfortunately, every now and then you meet neighbors or roommates who either don’t know how to use a door handle, or who simply have fun slamming doors loudly.

I once lived in a house where such a neighbor was up to mischief. This neighbor not only slammed the apartment door loudly, but also regularly slammed the room doors within the apartment.

The constant loud slamming of doors can be very stressful, I experienced that firsthand.

Sure, anyone can accidentally slip the door out of their hands or even slam it when airing the room. Nobody is immune to this.

If doors are willfully slammed shut again and again, the only option left is to talk to the neighbor or roommate concerned and to point out the disturbance.

Perhaps the door slam was not even aware that his behavior was disturbing other tenants.

If the neighbor shows himself to be understanding, this problem can be resolved quickly and the house is quiet again.

However, if such a conversation among neighbors is not expedient, then in an emergency you can always go through the landlord. This may possibly have an arbitrating effect on the tenant concerned.

Conclusion on the subject of slamming doors

If the doors keep slamming in the apartment, it is not only very loud, but also bad for the doors and door frames in the long run.

But with little effort and with the right tools, doors can be easily and effectively secured against slamming.

We have shown some practical possibilities in this article.

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