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Stoppy door and window stopper tested (our experiences)

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In the summer we like to open all the windows in our apartment so that there is a draft and the air moves. Of course, the doors of all rooms are then open, otherwise it would have no effect.

However, even a little wind can ensure that the windows do not stay open, but slam shut. The same applies to the doors. This not only makes a very unpleasant and loud bang, but can also lead to damage.

It is therefore important to fix windows and doors so that this does not happen.

In the past we have already used different doorstops for the doors. In order to keep the windows open, we usually helped ourselves with home remedies.

For example, for a long time we simply stuffed a cloth between the frame and the open window. Of course that also works. However, a cloth should then be used that is no longer required for other purposes, as holes can quickly appear.

Now we wanted to try something different, especially for the windows, and we bought special door and window stoppers called Stoppy because we found their shape very interesting and appealing.

Stoppy, Stoppi, window stopper, doorstop, door wedge, door hook, window clip, set of 4 (available in 14 colors) (orange)*

  • Works even on windows and balcony doors with greater distances from the sash to the window sill or floor.
  • Uniquely, Stoppy creates gaps of 1-9 cm.
  • A real design classic, we are the exclusive outfitter of all stores of a major mobile phone brand. Also perceived in many museum shops around the planet as the successful combination of technical function and outstanding design.
  • Versatile for use on carpet, PVC, tiles or stone floors.

What is the Stoppy doorstop and window stopper?

The Stoppy (Stoppi) is a door and window stopper that catches the eye at first glance because of its interesting shape. This design not only looks beautiful, but is primarily functional.

Because of its special shape, the Stoppy is quite flexible and can keep windows, doors and even balcony doors of all kinds open. Even if they have a greater distance from the sash to the window sill or floor. The manufacturer states that Stoppy creates gaps of 1 to 9 centimeters.

Mainly when doors are to be kept open, the nature of the floor naturally plays an important role. According to the manufacturer, the Stoppy can be used flexibly on carpet, PVC, tiles, wood, plastic or stone floors.

The Stoppy is made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) material and comes in a variety of attractive colors including yellow, white, purple, light blue, lime, mint, orange, teal, pink, red, chocolate brown, black and transparent.

Stoppy is always available in sets from Amazon. There are sets of 2, sets of 4 and even sets of 12.

Incidentally, the Stoppy is made in Germany.

Our experiences with Stoppy

For testing, we first bought two Stoppy in the color mint. In fact, at first glance we were surprised at how small and handy these door and window stoppers are. In fact, they are so small that the set of 2 fit in our mailbox when delivered. This is of course practical.

The two stoppers in the set of 2 are placed one inside the other in such a way that they are reminiscent of yin and yang. But that’s only marginally.

After unpacking, you notice the soft and rubbery plastic, which leaves a valuable impression. In the middle there is an insert made of harder plastic, probably for reasons of better stability.

We measured the following dimensions:

  • Length: approx. 9.6 cm (longest point)
  • Height: approx. 5.5 cm (highest point)
  • Width: 1.9 cm

Stoppy keeps the windows open

Stoppy between window and window frame
Stoppy between window and window frame

After the first assessment, we used our Stoppys straight away and tested how best to keep our windows open with them. In fact, there is no one right way to do it. Stoppy can keep windows open in a number of ways.

We find the best option is to clamp the stoppy between the frame and the window. It doesn’t matter in which direction the tip is pointing. In both variations, Stoppy does his job perfectly and the windows stay open.

Stoppy between window and window sill
Stoppy between window and window sill

The Stoppy can just as well be clamped between the window sash and the window sill. Even in this position, the windows remain open and do not slam shut.

Also works on the balcony door

Then we tried the stopper on one of our balcony doors. Here we have a slightly larger distance between the door and the floor. But despite the greater distance, Stoppy can be clamped firmly between the door and the floor and reliably keeps the balcony door open.

Stoppy under the balcony door
Stoppy under the balcony door

But even if the distance were so great that the stopper on the floor could no longer be used, you can still clamp it between the frame and the door, like we always do with our windows.

Also suitable for doors

Stoppy is of course not only a window stopper, but also a door stopper. Of course we tried that too.

To hold doors open, simply insert the flattened tip, which works like a wedge, into the gap between the door and the floor. The relatively non-slip plastic prevents the door from slamming shut.

Stoppy fixes a door
Stoppy fixes a door

We have tiles in the bathroom in our apartment and wooden floorboards in the rest of the apartment. On both surfaces, Stoppy does a good job preventing doors from slamming and slamming .

However, we cannot say how well the small doorstop works on other floor coverings such as carpet, laminate or vinyl, as we do not have such coverings.

However, we could imagine that Stoppy doesn’t hold up so well on slightly smoother or slippery surfaces because there simply isn’t enough surface area on the ground.

So far we have only used our Stoppy for normal room doors within our apartment. We don’t know whether and how well, so that heavy doors such as steel front or basement doors can be fixed.

This is the only point where we would probably be a bit skeptical. But who knows, maybe that will work too.

However, you have to know that you cannot simply push the Stoppy under the door with your foot like a door wedge. So to place it under the door we have to bend down. This could be a small disadvantage for some users.

Therefore, we find the stopper overall more suitable for windows than for doors.


At first it happened to us a few times that we wanted to close a window in the evening, although there was still a stopper between the frame and the window.

Every time we thought that we had probably damaged our window stopper, because there are some forces acting on the small stopper. But actually we were lucky and nothing happened.

From our point of view, this speaks for a very good quality.

Our conclusion

So far we are very satisfied with our two Stoppys. It doesn’t matter whether it’s windows or doors in the bathroom or the rest of the apartment, so far the small door and window stopper has mastered all tasks with flying colours.

Therefore, in all likelihood, a few more Stoppys will soon be coming to us.

In addition to the functionality, we also like the design and the many different colors. This way, some color comes straight into the house.

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