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This Is How You Get Used To The Noise Of Your Washing Machine

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Anyone who operates their washing machine in the bathroom or kitchen knows how loud and annoying such a washing machine can be. Unpleasant vibrations and annoying noise are particularly common when spinning.

However, there are a number of ways to turn off too loud washing machines. You can find out how to get rid of the noise in your washing machine in this article.

A noisy washing machine disturbs the quiet in the apartment and the neighbors

Loud washing machines not only disturb the operator, but also often the neighbors. In particular, those neighbors who are in the apartment directly under the running washing machine have to struggle particularly with the loud operating noises. But the residents of the apartment next door can also suffer from a washing machine that is too loud.

That is why there are always disputes among neighbors because of too loud washing machines. If the neighbors complain about a too loud washing machine, this should not be taken lightly. In fact, vibrations transmitted by a vibrating washing machine can be very disruptive.

Vibrations and noise are transmitted to floors and walls

Vibrations from washing machines are often so strong that the vibrations can be transmitted to floors and walls. This not only creates noise in one’s own apartment, but also noise from neighbors and lower-lying apartments.

It is therefore important to suppress these vibrations as much as possible in order to ensure more peace and quiet when washing. This is easy on your own nerves and prevents disagreements with the neighbors.

This is how you make your washing machine quiet

Fortunately, there are a few different things you can do to make a noisy washing machine quieter. In the following we introduce you to some of these possibilities.

Check the transport lock

First of all, you should make sure that the washing machine is set up correctly and is working properly. This includes checking whether all transport locks on the back of the machine have been removed. If this is not the case, the washing drum cannot move properly and there is a risk of total loss.

Has the washing machine been set up correctly?

Another important point is to set up the washing machine correctly. This means that the machine must be absolutely straight. To check this, you need a spirit level with which you can check the correct position in the horizontal and vertical alignment.

If the washing machine is not completely straight, the feet must be adjusted so that this is the case. In addition, the feet of a washing machine are height adjustable. The washing machine can only work safely and as intended by the manufacturer if it is correctly positioned.

Often the dog is already buried here. Even the slightest misalignment can ensure that the washing machine vibrates more than desired.

Reduce the spin speed

If the noise is only caused by spinning, you can first try to reduce the spin speed. The spin speed indicates how often the washing drum rotates within one minute. If you have set the spin speed to 1600, for example, then the laundry drum rotates 1600 times per minute during spinning. That is enormous.

A high spin speed has the advantage that water and moisture are thrown out of the laundry as much as possible. The higher the spin speed, the less damp the laundry will be after washing. The laundry dries faster.

However, a high spin speed not only has advantages, but unfortunately also some disadvantages. At a high spin speed, the laundry wrinkles more during spinning than at low speeds. So ironing could be more work.

Another disadvantage of high spin speeds is the volume. The higher the speed, the louder the spin will be. At high speeds, however, not only does the volume increase, but also the vibrations in many washing machines.

Of course, vibrations from the washing machine also cause a certain volume. At the latest, when almost the entire housing of the washing machine is vibrating, it becomes uncomfortable. Some washing machines no longer stand still in their place at too high speeds, but start moving. Of course, this should also be avoided.

So there is a lot to be said for reducing the spin speed.

We used to always spin at 1600 because this number was preset in our preferred washing program. This spin speed can, however, be reduced manually before washing begins. And that’s exactly what we did. Now we only spin with 1200 or even 1000 revolutions and this alone has already significantly reduced the noise when skidding.

So it doesn’t always have to be the highest spin speed. If you reduce the number of revolutions per minute while spinning, it could be that some problems such as excessive volume and vibrations will solve themselves on their own.

Place the washing machine on a washing machine mat

Another quick and cheap way to get the washing machine quieter when washing is to use a washing machine pad. You can also find such mats under other names such as anti-slip mats, anti-droning mats, soundproofing mats or rubber mats for the washing machine.

Such a washing machine pad is a mat that is placed under the washing machine so that the washing machine stands completely on this mat with all four feet.

Such a soundproofing mat can reliably dampen unwanted vibrations and noises and thus ensure significantly more peace and quiet when washing, as it has a vibration-damping and stabilizing effect.

The material thickness is important for washing machine pads. Anti-vibration mats and soundproofing mats for the washing machine must not be too thin, otherwise they will not have the desired effect.

Incidentally, such an anti-slip mat is quite flexible and can not only ensure peace and stability in washing machines, but also under other devices such as dryers, dishwashers, loudspeakers and fitness equipment.

Install vibration dampers for the washing machine

Vibration dampers are an alternative to anti-vibration mats. Such vibration dampers can generally be used for all commercially available washing machines and / or washer-dryers, or of course also for dryers and dishwashers.

A vibration damper consists of small parts made of plastic, each of which has an indentation in which one of the four feet of the washing machine is placed. A vibration damper is like a floor space for the feet of the device.

Vibration dampers can be bought in a set, which then already contains 4 vibration dampers for each foot of the washing machine. An example of this is the following set: Haftplus 4 vibration dampers for washing machine and dryer * , which can be purchased from Amazon.

Vibration dampers are cheap to buy and definitely worth a try.

Put the washing machine in the laundry room

If all else fails, a washing machine that is too loud can of course simply be placed in the basement or in the laundry room, where it usually does not bother despite its volume.

Anyone who has such a laundry room should definitely consider this option. In addition to reducing the noise in the apartment, this also saves a lot of space.

Buy a quiet washing machine

The last option is to buy a new washing machine that focuses on quiet operation. Sometimes it is just time to replace an old washing machine with a new one. A new washing machine usually has the advantage that it will generally be more economical to operate than an outdated model.

Our conclusion

Washing machines can be loud and annoying when in use. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can manage noise and vibration. And the good thing is that many of these methods don’t even have to be expensive.

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