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Top 10 Laser Ski Printers For Quiet Printing

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Incomparable speed compared to other types of printers and top quality printing are certainly the strongest assets of laser ski printers. We have already tried to help you decide which printer to choose.

However, let’s repeat briefly. If you print a large number of pages of text, and in addition to speed and quality, you want to save on the purchase of toner and maintenance, a laser printer is definitely the most cost-effective option because it offers the best price-quality ratio.

Laser ski printers have gained great popularity due to high print quality and relatively low maintenance costs. Without exaggeration, it can be said that with their appearance and quality, they brought a revolution to the printing industry and transformed offices around the world.

Three decades ago, when printers started entering our homes, it seemed that smaller inkjet printer models were still a better choice. Large laser printers were initially used mainly in offices for business purposes.

However, the last few years have dramatically reduced the size, and what is very significant, the price of laser printers, so that they are slowly but surely moving into our homes.

In addition to monochrome, a large selection of color laser printers is available on the market today. It’s true that they won’t meet the demands of printing high-quality photos, but that’s what professional photo printers are used for anyway.

Most modern printers, including laser printers, today are multifunctional and include a scanner and copier so that using the same device you can scan documents and photos, exchange them with friends and business partners in digital format, and print and copy if necessary.

The market also offers laser printers with the possibility of wireless connection from your smartphone or tablet.

Compared to the competition, laser printers generally offer better text quality, are more suitable for larger workloads, have larger paper containers, lower maintenance costs and higher speed. In order to help you choose the best laser printer, in the following text we will try to present you their basic types and characteristics.

Black and white or color Laser Ski Printers – which one to choose?

When making the decision to buy a monochrome or color laser printer, the first and most important criterion should be your needs. If you print large amounts of “black and white” text, there is no need to expose yourself to the costs of buying a color laser printer, which is usually more expensive than a monochrome laser printer.

We will try to resolve this doubt by analyzing two parameters, toner consumption and print speed.

Toner: Monochromatic laser printers use one toner cartridge, and color laser printers use four, each for one color (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). If your needs include frequent printing of charts, diagrams, and photos, when you consider the cost of color printing at copiers, the additional cost of toner may still be worth it.

Print speed: It is measured in pages per minute (ppm), and printers that can print 32 or more pages per minute are considered fast and efficient. Like many other performance features, including resolution and networking, speed and price go hand in hand.

To achieve the same speed as monochrome, color laser printers require more engineering work to optimize this complex process. To print one page, a color laser printer that transfers all four colors to one drum, as well as one that applies one toner to the paper simultaneously from four drums, must do much more work than a monochrome printer.

Therefore, if their purchase price is the same or similar, expect much better performance from a monochrome printer.

Finally, and sometimes it can be very significant, because of the space required for additional toners and mechanical parts, a color laser printer is significantly larger and heavier than its monochrome equivalent.

Nevertheless, the acquisition of a color laser printer makes a lot of sense and represents a good alternative to an inkjet printer in offices where more users print a larger amount of graphics.

When you are considering which laser printer to buy, monochrome or color, we advise you to take toner prices into account, in addition to the most common types of materials you print.

Do you want a printer, scanner, copier and fax – all in one?

With this type of device, you will often find the abbreviation AIO (all-in-one), i.e. all in one, and this best describes the latest generation multifunction laser printers. This type of printer can replace scanner, copier and fax devices.

Most multifunctional laser printers have Ethernet, and some of them also have an integrated Wi-Fi connection that enables printing of documents from a smartphone or tablet.

In short, these devices allow you to do more work in less time and thus keep up with the increasing amount of work.

Laser printers are suitable for use in small offices, large corporations, and increasingly for home use.

Without further ado, if you need a printer in your daily work and you don’t want to waste time, we recommend that you look at and consider the 10 best laser printer models with a wide range of prices and options that we have selected for you:

  1. Brother MFC-L3710CW Compact Digital Color All-in-One Printer: An excellent multifunctional color laser printer for small offices that has the ability to copy, print and scan. With this “all-in-one” duplex printer model, you will get top results. The DCP-9020CDW enables automatic two-sided printing in the “black and white” version, as well as in color with a speed of 18 ppm (pages per minute) and a resolution of 2,400×600 dpi. Connect via Wi-Fi and print documents directly from your smartphone.
  2. HP Laserjet Pro M252dw: If you need a color laser printer for daily use or occasional use by multiple users, the HP Color LaserJet Pro M252dw is a great choice. In addition to high speed and top quality text, the device offers mobile printing, with Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection and the possibility of printing from USB. Print quality up to 600 x 600 dpi. For optimal device performance, printing in the range of 250-2500 pages per month is recommended. Paper container capacity: 150 sheets.
  3. Canon imageClass MF424dw: Monochromatic printer that can take over the function of scanner, copy and fax. Canon’s imageClass MF424dw delivers superb text and graphics printing results with an incredible print speed of 40ppm. The maximum drawer capacity of up to 900 sheets, along with the already mentioned respectable printing speed and relatively low maintenance costs, make this monochrome laser printer the right choice for small and medium-sized offices.
  4. Canon Color imageClass MF634Cdw: a multifunctional color laser printer is at the very top of the list of “all-in-one” devices for personal use, but it can also meet the requirements of small and medium-sized offices. The MF634Cdw is equipped with a dual automatic sheet feeder (ADF) that supports double-sided scanning. It prints 19 pages per minute one-sided, while double-sided printing is somewhat slower. If you print several hundred pages per month, and you also need scanner and copier functions, the Canon Color imageClass MF634Cdw is a very good “entry-level” device.
  5. Dell Color Smart Multifunction Printer S3845cdn: A multifunctional color laser printer that you will find hard to fault. It offers high quality and fast print speed and fairly low maintenance costs for an all-in-one color device. With a maximum monthly printing of 80,000 pages (recommended monthly printing is 2,000-6,000 pages) it has low printing costs per page (1.4 US cents for black and white and 8.9 cents for printing a color page). If you print large amounts of text, you will forget the relatively high purchase price of the device in a few months, because in this class it is difficult to find a faster and better AIO with lower maintenance costs.
  6. Xerox VersaLink C405/DN: A large multifunction color laser printer with a respectable print speed of 36 pages per minute that provides the user with great options. It has a 5-inch touch-sensitive screen, and is also equipped with NFC, which enables printing of documents from smartphones and tablets. The dual automatic sheet feeder (ADF) and high toner yield (2,500 pages) are also features worth highlighting.
  7. OKI 62442101 B731dn: Considering the print speed and paper capacity, the OKI MC573dn is a typical representative of multifunction color laser printers with which it shares the same price range. The print speed is 30 ppm, and the resolution is 1200 x 1200 dpi. The tank can accept 250 sheets of paper, and it also has the option of automatic two-sided printing.
  8. Dell C1760NW: Print perfect color graphics and photos with this printer with a compact design (15.5″ x 11.8″ x 8.9″), which, due to its dimensions, will also save you space in the office or study. This printer with a capacity of 150 sheets of paper has a printing speed of 15 ppm for black-and-white text and 12 ppm for color documents.With a maximum resolution of 600 dpi and the ability to connect via Wi-Fi, this printer reaches a duty cycle of 30,000 pages per month.
  9. HP LaserJet Pro M501dn: A monochrome laser printer that offers good speed, a large paper tank and excellent print quality, and is designed for larger print volumes. It can be connected via Ethernet, and you can also use it to print from Android phones and tablets. Print speed is 47.1 ppm. In addition to the maximum monthly work cycle of 100,000 pages, it is also worth mentioning the large capacity of the tank, which can hold 650 sheets of paper.
  10. Brother HL-L2370DW: A monochrome laser printer that offers a good print speed (36 ppm) as well as solid print quality for text and graphics. It has a large selection of connection methods (Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Ethernet and USB), a solid capacity of the magazine (250 sheets of paper), a resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi and is priced competitively with devices in its class. Thanks to the high resolution, this laser printer enables incredible print quality.

Due to the great competition, laser printers are becoming cheaper, and despite the rapid development of inkjet printers, they are still irreplaceable for users who need top quality and high print speed and reliability.

We hope that with this review of the best laser printers, we have helped to remove some of your doubts regarding the choice of printer that will meet your business or personal needs.

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