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Which Toner is Your Toner?

which toner is your toner

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‘Is the replacement toner a good choice for your printer or should I still buy the original?’

‘How is the quality of the replacement toner compared to the original?’

‘Can replacement toners really damage the printer and void the warranty?’

These are some of the questions that you can get answered in this text and save yourself or your company money on the next purchase of toner for your printer.

We will probably agree that nobody wants to waste money unnecessarily these days. Especially not to printer toners, especially when an equally high-quality alternative is available on the market. Original toners are often more expensive than printers. Today, a high-quality printer can be bought for only HRK 700, and original toner cartridges can cost more than the purchase price of the printer. This is the reason why more and more consumers are opting for replacement toners for printers.

Original toners

When you buy toner for a printer produced by a certain manufacturer for its own brand of printer, we call that product  original or OEM  (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for short. Original toners set standards of quality and performance. They are reliable, produce top quality prints and are manufactured specifically for a specific printer model.

Replacement toners

 However, there are also newly manufactured replacement printer toners available on the market  that have almost the same quality, same print capacity and durability as the original, but their price is often three to four times lower. So it’s no wonder that replacement toners are consumers’ first choice.

Apart from the price, what else is the difference between original, remanufactured and replacement toners? Very rarely, and with some specific models, there may be a difference in print quality. Practice has shown that there can be differences in quality with color toners, while there is no difference at all with black and white toners.

Renewed original toners

After your toner runs out from the original toner cartridge that came with your new printer, one option is to recycle that empty cartridge. Many office supply stores collect empty toner cartridges, which are then cleaned, refilled with toner, and subjected to quality control. Due to the production method, we call them  refurbished toners .

Unlike refurbished ones, replacement toners are not produced by renewing the original ones, but are a new and unique product that fits your printer just like the original ones. Replacement toners will provide you with the same quality as original or refurbished ones, the only difference being the manufacturing method. We will try to show you the relationship between original and replacement toners in the following way. Consider replacement toners for a moment as generic supermarket cereals that look, smell and taste the same as branded cereals, but differ in manufacturer and packaging. Apart from that, there is no essential difference. The relationship between original and replacement toners is similar.


Does your toner need to be replaced? What to choose?

What level of print quality does your job require?  This is the first question you should ask yourself when deciding which toner to choose, replacement or original. 

If you need pictures of the highest sharpness and perfect color, then give priority to the original toner. If you print “black and white” documents, replacement toners are a worthy, and at the same time much cheaper, alternative.

After that, consider the cost and potential risk. If the price of the original toner does not fit into your budget, which is often the case, the replacement will take precedence. However, in case your company can’t afford to take absolutely no risk when it comes to printing work materials for whatever reason, it’s best to stick with genuine toner.

Finally, consider the relationship between the brand and the warranty. A more reputable brand of replacement toners with a longer product warranty is certainly a preferable choice compared to a lesser-known brand with a shorter product warranty.

Choosing a quality replacement toner from a reputable manufacturer that fits your needs can save you a lot of money. 

The price of the replacement toner, as we have already said, is three or four times lower than the original one, even when the print capacity and durability are taken into account. When price is considered along with other factors, such as quality and warranty, a reasonable decision can be made on which toner to choose, original or replacement.


Quality of original and replacement toner

Genuine toner often has an advantage when it comes to quality, as manufacturers invest a lot of money in developing and patenting technology for their printers. So, for example, original toners may contain some components that make them UV resistant to sunlight or have a special viscosity to prevent the possibility of damage to the printer.

Printer manufacturers, of course, don’t like consumers using replacement toners, because they make much more money selling toners than printers.

Therefore, some printer manufacturers scare consumers with information according to which the use of replacement toner could jeopardize the warranty for the printer, which is unfounded and in some countries illegal.

It is realistic that the quality of replacement toner varies from average to superior, depending on the manufacturer.

Affirmed and reputable manufacturers, such as my-toner, guarantee the high quality of replacement toners, due to the knowledge, experience and careful selection of suppliers.

Adler toners are produced according to the highest standards, and their equivalence to original toners is confirmed by certificates issued by authorized bodies.

In the following text, we have selected for you some of the most popular toner models for which we can guarantee the highest quality, learn more by clicking on each of them:

1. If your toner is labeled  HP CE285A (85A)

• color: black
• printing capacity: approx. 2000 pages
• printing price per A4 page (5% coverage): HRK 0.02
• compatible with printer models: Canon LBP 3010, Canon LBP6020B, Canon i-Sensys LBP6000, Canon i-Sensys LBP6000B, Canon laser LBP6020 white, 18 ppm, Canon laser LBP6020 black, 18 ppm, Canon laser LBP6030 black, 18 ppm, HP LaserJet P1105, HP LaserJet Pro P1102, HP Laserjet 1505, HP Laserjet M1120, HP Laserjet M1120n, HP Laserjet M1130, HP Laserjet M1132, HP Laserjet M1210, HP Laserjet M1212, HP Laserjet M1213, HP Laserjet M1217, HP Laserjet M1217nfw, HP Laserjet M121nf, HP Laserjet M1522n, HP Laserjet M1522nf, HP Laserjet P1005, HP Laserjet P1006, HP Laserjet P1007, HP Laserjet P1008, HP Laserjet P1009, HP Laserjet P1100, HP Laserjet P1104, HP Laserjet P1106, HP Laserjet P1107, HP Laserjet P1109, HP Laserjet P1505 (N), HP Laserjet Pro M1130, HP Laserjet Pro M1132 MFP, HP Laserjet Pro M1210 MFP, HP Laserjet Pro M1213 NF,HP Laserjet Pro M1217, HP Laserjet Pro P1100

2. If your toner is labeled  HP CF283A / 83A

• color: black
• print capacity: approx. 1500 pages
• printing price per page of A4 format (5% coverage): HRK 0.03
• compatible with printer models: HP LJ M225dn, p/s/c/dpl/net/fax CF484A, HP LJ M225dw, p/s/c/ dpl/net/fax CF485A, HP LJ Pro M125a MFP, p/c/s, CZ172A, HP LJ Pro M125nw MFP, p/c/s/n/w CZ173A, HP LJ Pro M127fn, p/c/s/fax /net CZ181A, HP LJ Pro M127fw, p/c/s/fax/net/w CZ183A, HP LaserJet Pro M201dw, CF456A

3. If your toner is labeled  HP CF244A

• color: black
• print capacity: approx. 1000 pages
• printing price per page of A4 format (5% coverage): HRK 0.02
• compatible with printer models: check here

4. If your toner has a label HP CE278A (78A), or CRG728

• color: black
• print capacity: approx. 2100 pages
• printing price per page of A4 format (5% coverage): HRK 0.02
• compatible with printer models: check here

5. If your toner wears osign HP CE505A (05A) or CF280A (80A)

• color: black
• print capacity: approx. 2700 pages
• printing price per page of A4 format (5% coverage): HRK 0.02 per page
• compatible with printer models: check here

Adler® replacement toners  they have certificates that confirm that they are as valuable as original products, which ensures reliable operation and longevity of the printer. Otherwise, when purchasing these products, it is recommended that they be purchased from  verified merchants  who have the necessary certificates so that the print quality you want is not missing. 

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