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White noise – the salvation against loud snoring?

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No matter how well insulated and soundproof the room may be – if you have to share the bedroom or even the bed with someone who snores so loud that the beams move, the night becomes torture!

In this article, we analyze whether white noise can be an effective way to mask loud snoring so much that it’s barely noticeable.

Short and sweet:

White noise can actually be very helpful in masking loud snoring and promoting relaxation . Instead of white noise, so-called pink noise is preferred by many people because it is just as effective but sounds a little more pleasant.

What is white noise anyway?

True white noise spans the entire audible frequency range while having the same loudness across the entire frequency range.

As an analogy to white light, which contains the complete frequency range of light waves, the noise is therefore also referred to as “white”.

Since higher tones are generally perceived more strongly by us than lower tones at the same volume, white noise sounds rather high and is somewhat reminiscent of hissing.

In contrast to white noise, there is also so-called pink noise. Although this also covers the entire frequency range, the volume decreases with the height of the frequencies. Pink noise therefore sounds less shrill and altogether more pleasant.

In addition, there is what is known as brown noise . With brown noise, the higher frequencies are even quieter than with pink noise. As a result, the noise sounds much deeper than pink and white noise and many people find it even more pleasant.

Where is white noise used ?

A typical application for white noise is to increase concentration.

Especially when you want to read a book or work on the laptop in noisy environments, the noise can be very valuable. It mixes with all sorts of different noises and makes them so inaudible.

Even in the home office, noise can be effective in minimizing distractions. For example, it can completely mask construction site noise or the noise of the dishwasher.

But pink noise can also improve concentration in the office. Because it overlays the conversations or phone calls of colleagues, for example.

A special area of ​​application for white noise is tinnitus therapy. People who suffer from tinnitus use noise to mask the uncomfortable tinnitus sounds. This often provides the necessary remedy.

White noise can also be very helpful when traveling. For example, it superimposes aircraft and engine noise and also enables better relaxation and sleep here.

But does white noise also help against snoring?

In short: yes!

White, pink, and brown noise can all be very helpful when trying to mask loud snoring.

Which of the three noise colors works best depends a bit on how high or low the snoring sounds are.

It’s best to try it out with brown noise first. If the snoring is quite deep, that could be enough.

If you can still hear the snoring, you should try pink noise. With the right volume, this should be enough to cover up the snoring so much that you can hardly hear it.

Additional Benefits of White Noise

Aside from helping you focus and sleep, white noise can also provide additional benefits.

Many people find the monotonous noise soothing and can relax better with it.

In addition, white noise also has a positive effect on the sleep of babies and toddlers. Many a night that is too short for the parents can be prevented with this.

Where can I get white noise?

Luckily, there are some easy ways to find and play white noise. We present the three best options.

1. Rauschgeräte / „White Noise Machines“

There are now special devices on the market that are designed solely to reproduce white noise.

Some models offer special functions and can play more than just ordinary white noise. Here is a list showing what makes noise devices different from ordinary speakers:

  • They have built-in white noise audio recordings that you can conveniently play at the touch of a button.
  • Many noise devices have pink and brown noise in addition to white noise. Some models even offer popular nature sounds such as wind, sea waves and babbling brooks.
  • The audio recordings are mixed in such a way that they reproduce an absolutely constant sound without any interruptions.
  • Some models can also be controlled by remote control or can also be used as Bluetooth speakers.

2. White noise apps

There are now also apps that specialize in rendering white and other noise.

Luckily, most white noise apps are free and still provide everything you need. One such app is White Noise HQ: sound machine .

We tested the app ourselves and have been using it regularly ever since! It offers many different recordings including pure white, pink and brown noise.

The app also offers a sleep timer. This means that you can set, for example, that the noise should only run for half an hour. After that, it gradually reduces and then goes away on its own.

3. YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify and Co.

By far the fastest way to try out white noise is to simply search for it on YouTube. There you will find many videos, some of which run for more than 10 hours and only play the noise.

You can also easily find suitable recordings on Soundcloud and Spotify.


White, pink or brown noise can actually be very helpful in order to be able to sleep properly despite a loud snoring roommate. The sound waves of the noise mix so much with those of the snorer that the snoring can hardly be perceived as such. The monotonous sound promotes relaxation and falling asleep. Good night!

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