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You Can Do This If The Windshield Wiper Squeaks

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You have prepared yourself thoroughly for a longer car journey, you drive off in good spirits and suddenly notice when it starts to rain that the windshield wiper is creaking .

Squeak, squeak, squeak . Oh no, how annoying!

This monotonous noise that recurs at short intervals can get on your nerves.

Especially when driving in the rain, where you have to concentrate particularly well anyway, you really don’t need such a background noise.

Apart from that, squeaking windshield wipers are of course also annoying when talking to the passenger or listening to music.

It is therefore clear that something must be done about it as soon as possible. But what?

Windshield wipers squeal

When the windshield wipers squeak, you don’t always have to buy new wipers. Often times the problem is easily solved.

Construction of windshield wipers

For a better understanding, let’s first take a look at how windshield wipers are actually constructed.

In principle, normal windshield wipers are quite simple in construction. They consist of a wiper arm that is attached to a wiper shaft.

The wiper blade is attached to the wiper arm and, due to the curved vehicle windows, can consist of several parts that are connected by a joint. This wiper blade presses the rubber against the windows.

But there are also so-called “aero wipers” that have a one-piece wiper blade and are precisely adapted to the curvature of the windshield.

There are also some differences worth knowing when it comes to the arrangement of the wipers. You can find 10 different arrangements on Wikipedia .

Windscreen wiper (single lever wiper)

For more than 100 years, windshield wipers have provided a clear view in the rain. In the beginning, this device still had to be operated by hand, until the electric motor prevailed as a wiper drive.

Possible causes of squeaky wipers

But why are the windshield wipers squeaking? Well, there could be several reasons for this.

An obvious reason is that the wiper blades are dirty or that the windshield is very dirty.

This is because if the wiper blades cannot slide over the window as intended due to such contamination, it can already squeak.

Old wiper blades can also squeak. This is usually the case when the rubber has become too hard or even porous.

It is also important that the wipers that match the model are used. Because if the angle of inclination to the window is incorrect, it can also squeak

Incorrectly set wipers can also be the reason for a less than optimal angle between the windshield and the wiper blades. Even then it can happen that the windshield wiper squeaks, jerks or does not slide properly.

Last but not least, defective wiper blades should also be mentioned as a cause. If the rubber comes off the wiper arm or is torn in some places, this can also lead to screeching windshield wipers.

Possible causes of squeaky wipers in summary:

  • Heavy soiling of the window
  • Soiling of the windshield wipers
  • Old, porous, or hard wiper blades
  • Defective wiper blades
  • Wrong wiper blades
  • Incorrectly adjusted windscreen wipers

Windshield wiper squeaks – you can do that about it

So now we know what reasons could be responsible for squeaky wipers.

Now it is time to solve the problem. You can do that specifically:

Clean windshield wipers

To clean the windscreen wipers, first fold the wipers off the windscreen so that they stand up.

Now clean the wipers thoroughly with a damp cotton cloth (water and washing-up liquid) so that all residues and dirt particles are removed. As an alternative to washing up liquid, you can also use car shampoo.

After cleaning, wipe dry with a clean cotton cloth.

It is important that no solvents are used for this cleaning that could attack the rubber of the wiper. Petrol or alcohol are not suitable for this.

Clean the windshield

Before you put the wipers back on the windshield, you should also thoroughly clean the windshield. Otherwise the rubber will get dirty again.

You can do this as follows: Take a bucket of warm water and a little washing-up liquid. With a soft sponge you can now thoroughly clean the window with circular movements.

Then rinse again with clear water and rub dry with newspaper or a microfiber cloth. A lint-free cotton cloth can of course also be used. Finished.

Alternatively, or if you want to go a little faster, you can also use a special car glass cleaner like this one * with a window cloth. You can use it to clean the panes both outside and inside.

Fill up the washer fluid reservoir

The washer fluid reservoir often only comes to mind when it is empty. But then it will be too late.

It is therefore important to check the mopping water regularly and to top it up when necessary. Because the windshield wiper can only do its job properly on a clean windshield.

Use high quality windscreen cleaner for the windscreen washer system

SONAX AntiFrost & KlarSicht Ready to use down to -20 ° C (5 liters) faster, streak-free and effective window cleaner for winter | Item No. 03325000

A clean windshield is important. Not only for a clear view, but also because a very dirty windshield can lead to screeching windshield wipers.

The window cleaner is responsible for two tasks.

It is therefore highly recommended to use an effective windscreen cleaner for the windscreen washer system.

This window cleaner * is not only suitable for temperatures down to -20 ° C, but also shines with its good cleaning power. According to the manufacturer, the glycerine it contains even extends the service life of the windshield wiper rubbers.


This windscreen cleaner is already available ready-to-use for filling directly into the washing water tank and as a concentrate.

Adjust the wipers correctly

Sometimes the windshield wipers jerk over the windshield and as a result do not clean properly or make annoying noises. If this is the case, you can try to change the angles to the pane a little by hand.

Replace wiper blades

If none of the above works and the windshield wipers are still squeaking, it may be time for new wiper blades.

These blades are wearing parts and should be checked regularly anyway and swept out if necessary.

Often the recommendation is to replace the wiper once a year. You can usually do this yourself very easily.

Some drivers also use a windscreen wiper cutter * before buying new wipers . This is intended to simply remove the worn rubber edges of the wiper so that the existing windshield wipers can continue to be used.


If the windshield wiper squeaks, it can have various causes. In such a case it is not always necessary to buy new wipers immediately.

You can often fix the problem yourself with a few easy-to-implement measures. We have presented some of these measures in this article.

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