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A quiet hamster wheel ensures more peace and quiet at night

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Those who hold one or more hamsters are often looking for a quiet hamster wheel .

Because the nocturnal rodents can actually cause a lot of noise in their exercise bike and thus permanently disturb the night’s sleep.

If the hamster cage is in a room where people sleep, it makes sense if the hamster wheel is quiet .

Hamsters have a strong urge to move

Hamsters travel a lot in their natural habitat. The small rodents cover long distances just to search for food, which is then stored as winter supplies.

But hamsters are also very active and on their feet a lot by building a shelter, fleeing from natural predators and looking for a partner.

Overall, one can say that hamsters have a strong urge to move.

In order to satisfy this urge to move, hamsters in cages are regularly active in a hamster running wheel.

And even if hamsters can show limited activity even in daylight, the small rodents are mainly active at night and at dawn.

For us humans, this means that hamsters like to use their exercise bike when we actually want to sleep. The internal clock of humans and hamsters is actually not particularly compatible.

In many local conditions it is therefore important to make sure that a hamster running wheel is quiet .

Buy the quiet hamster wheel

If you want to buy a quiet hamster wheel for yourself and your hamster, then you can take a look at the following wheels.

Getzoo Premium cork balance wheel Ø 30 cm

According to the manufacturer, the Getzoo Premium wooden balance bike has a large inner diameter of 28.4 cm and is suitable for large dwarf hamsters, small golden hamsters and mice.

Thanks to the generous inner diameter, the small rodents can walk with their backs straight on the bike.

Ø 30 cm Getzoo Premium cork balance wheel (Ø 28.4 cm inside, height 32-44cm)

Ø 30 cm Getzoo Premium cork balance wheel (Ø 28.4 cm inside, height 32-44cm) *

  • rounded edges
  • safe and soft cork tread
  • quiet and double quality ball bearing

The closed cork running surface is particularly gentle on the sensitive paws and the built-in quality ball bearing is smooth and offers a smooth run .

Ideally, apart from the quiet clatter of your feet, you hardly hear anything from the balance bike.

In addition, the quiet hamster wheel has a stable base and is also height-adjustable.

By the way: This model is even available in different sizes, so that you can adapt the bike individually to the size of your animal.

In addition to this beautiful model made of wood and cork, there are also other plastic hamster wheels, which are described as quiet and are quite popular.

Silent Spinner impeller

The Silent Spinner impeller has a frame made of metal, while the wheel itself is made of plastic. The diameter is approximately 29 cm.

The impeller can either be used free-standing or attached to the cage.

According to the manufacturer, quiet operation is possible with this bike . In addition, it should be easy to clean, which is not entirely unimportant, especially for impeller pissers.

Trixie balance bike

The Triexie plastic balance bike is also quite a good size with a 28 cm diameter.

The manufacturer describes the bike as particularly smooth and quiet .

Trixie 61011 balance bike, plastic, ø 28 cm

Trixie 61011 Balance Bike, plastic, ø 28 cm *

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Further safety features such as a closed running surface and a closed rear wall are available.

The Triexie balance bike can be set up free-standing or hung in the cage.

Pay attention to the correct size

When buying a hamster wheel, it is important to ensure that it is the right size. Hamsters should always be able to run in the wheel with their backs straight.

If the impeller is too small, the spine is bent too much and goes into the hollow back. This can then lead to curvatures and other health problems.

For medium hamsters, for example, a diameter of 27 – 32 cm is often recommended.

It is essential to pay attention to good workmanship

No matter which hamster wheel you buy: It is very important to pay attention to good and animal-friendly processing quality.

Because unfortunately there are also wheels in which hamsters injure their paws and run bloody.

You can often find references to such problems in the customer reviews on Amazon for the respective bikes. During our research, we saw several wheels that unfortunately did exactly that.

Some customers even included gruesome pictures of wheels with terrible blood stains in their reviews. It is essential to avoid this!

Careful research before buying is therefore important.

Other important properties

For the sake of your hamster, you should pay attention to the following properties:

  • Sufficiently large diameter
  • Closed tread
  • Closed back wall
  • Light and round run
  • Stable stand
  • Non-toxic materials
  • No sharp edges or burrs

Hamster’s safety and health always come first.

Make the hamster wheel quiet

If you don’t want to buy a new hamster wheel straight away, you can also first try to oil the existing wheel with a little cooking oil.

Depending on the model, you can sometimes achieve a lot with these measures and get the hamster wheel a bit quieter.

To measure whether your measures were successful, you can use a sound level meter, for example .

How long and how far do hamsters run in the wheel?

If you watch your hamster running in the hamster wheel, you can ask yourself how long hamsters actually run during the night and what distance they cover.

In fact, it can be quite different. However, some hamsters regularly run for many hours in their exercise bike in the evening and at night.

You can easily come together for more than 10 kilometers. Younger animals run more than older ones. It is no different with us humans.

You can find some more interesting facts and figures on the subject in an article by SWR Wissen .

Monitoring speedometer with a wheel?

Some hamster keepers have even come up with the idea of ​​installing a speedometer on the hamster wheel.

With such a solution, it is possible to monitor which distance the little rodent covers in its impeller and how fast it is traveling.

Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself whether this is a good idea.

With all manipulations on the running bike, however, you should make sure that the safety of your animal is not endangered under any circumstances.


Since hamsters have a strong urge to move, they are often on their hamster wheel for hours.

And of course preferably at night, since hamsters are nocturnal animals.

Unfortunately, running on the balance bike can sometimes be quite noisy.

So that you can still enjoy your well-deserved night’s sleep, a quiet hamster wheel is recommended.

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