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A Soundproof Curtain Can Provide More Peace

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When it comes to noise protection, you often find solutions that are on the one hand quite expensive and on the other hand involve a lot of effort. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be that time-consuming, because absolute noise protection is not always the focus.

In many situations it is sufficient to take a suitable measure to reduce the noise from outside just a little.

Here comes a soundproof curtain , or a soundproof curtain into play that – can be quite helpful – depending on requirements.

A soundproof curtain is a relatively cheap and easy-to-install option to provide a little more soundproofing in your own four walls.

Noise protection curtains – depending on the model – can still be effective against cold, heat and light.

The noise should stay outside

Anyone who lives in a room on a busy street or simply has to deal with outside noise knows the problem. Noise from the street mainly penetrates inside through the windows and causes unrest there.

The well-deserved rest is lost and you often don’t find the relaxation you want in your own four walls.

Street noise has a particularly unfavorable effect, especially in rooms where there is a particularly high need for quiet, such as in the bedroom, children’s room, living room or also in the study.

In such cases, a soundproof curtain may help.

You can find more tips for window sound insulation here.

What is a soundproof curtain?

A sound insulation curtain, or noise protection curtain, is a special curtain with very specific properties that we will take a closer look at below.

Sound-absorbing curtains are usually particularly thick or consist of several layers, which are responsible for their properties.

Moondream 3in1 noise protection curtain for insulation against noise, light & cold, patented technology, Oeko-Tex®, gray - pepper, 140 x 180 (WxH) cm, eyelets (1 curtain scarf)

Moondream 3in1 noise protection curtain for insulation against noise, light & cold, patented technology, Oeko-Tex®, gray – pepper, 140 x 180 (WxH) cm, eyelets (1 curtain scarf) *

  • Patented technology for improved acoustic and thermal comfort
  • Up to 7 decibels less to transform your interior into a relaxation area
  • Summer and winter thermal insulation for an ideal room temperature all year round

What can a soundproof curtain do?

Can a noise protection curtain reliably ensure that all noise remains outside and cannot penetrate the room?

Unfortunately, no. Of course, you shouldn’t expect miracles from a soundproof curtain. Such a curtain can certainly not compete with professional noise protection measures.

A noise protection curtain does not turn a window into a soundproof window.

However, certain types of noise can be reduced by such curtains so that the noise is less disturbing. And that can make a difference.

Testing is above studying

In general, noise is perceived very subjectively. Noise that annoys one person can be largely blocked out by another person.

The effectiveness of noise protection can therefore also be assessed differently on an individual basis.

It also depends on the type of noise. In particular, high and medium frequencies can be reduced with an acoustic curtain. Such curtains, however, are less suitable for use against low-frequency noise.

Noise protection curtains are definitely worth a try. Also because soundproofing curtains are comparatively quick and easy to install compared to other soundproofing measures. In addition, the costs are kept within reasonable limits.

Other advantages of soundproof curtains

In addition to reducing noise, soundproof curtains have other helpful advantages, which we will look at below.

Protection from light

Many noise protection curtains are so thick that they can be used effectively against light penetration from outside. Normal curtains often cannot do this.

Those who do not have shutters on the window will appreciate the possibility of being able to darken the room. For example to sleep or to watch TV.

We ourselves had the problem, for example, that the sun was shining directly on the television in the living room, so that you could hardly see anything on the screen.

With a thick and opaque curtain we were able to eliminate the problem.

Protection from heat

If the sun shines directly into the room in summer, it can heat up quite a bit. Anyone who has ever tried to sleep in a very heated bedroom knows how annoying that can be.

A thick noise protection curtain with appropriate properties can hold back the heat a little.

Protection from the cold

In winter, these curtains can also protect against the cold and provide better insulation in front of the window. This is not only pleasant, it can also save heating costs.

A noise protection curtain like this one here at Amazon * promises a 3 in 1 solution of noise protection, heat protection and opacity with up to 7 decibels less.

Less reverb

Soundproof curtains can also reduce the reverberation time in the room. This contributes to better room acoustics.

You can find more on this topic in our article Sound absorbers for sound insulation at home .

Where are soundproof curtains used?

Soundproof curtains are not only used in your own four walls. Such curtains can also be used in theaters, cinemas, hotels, offices and meeting rooms to provide more noise protection there.

Our experience with a soundproof curtain

We have already used soundproof curtains ourselves in a 2-room apartment. In this apartment, the living room faced the street and was directly exposed to the sun for many hours a day in summer.

So the room was not only noisy, but also very bright and very hot in summer. There were no shutters.

The soundproof curtains made it feel like we were able to reduce the noise a bit and also made sure that the sun stayed outside and that the room didn’t heat up as much.

Especially when watching TV, it was very pleasant to reduce these disruptive factors.

With these thick and opaque noise protection curtains, we definitely had the feeling of being more isolated from the outside world. This made the room feel more comfortable and homely.

That already makes a lot, as we think.

Different versions of noise protection curtains

Of course, it is important that the noise protection curtains also match the furnishings and the room. If that is the case, then the curtains are not only useful, they also look good and provide a bit of cosiness in the room.

The Moondream curtains offer many different beautiful colors. At Amazon * you can get an idea of ​​the large color selection of these practical curtains.

Conclusion on soundproof curtains

Soundproof curtains and soundproof curtains can of course not work miracles when it comes to soundproofing. But you can’t expect that from a curtain either.

Nevertheless, such acoustic curtains have a number of favorable properties that can have a positive effect.

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