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Quiet fan heaters: Pleasant warmth in a quiet environment

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Fan heaters are an ideal supplement to conventional heating. Due to their low purchase price, the compact dimensions and the quick and uncomplicated commissioning, these devices are not only very popular as additional heating, but also suitable for sole operation in small rooms.

In particular because of the impending gas shortage, interest in such electric heaters has increased significantly.

However, many devices often have the disadvantage that the ventilation noise is too loud. But that need not be. If you want to relax at home with cozy warmth, you shouldn’t be disturbed by loud operating noises.

Whether in the living room, in the bedroom or in the home office – quiet fan heaters are preferable in almost all situations. We present some recommended models in this article.

When is a fan heater quiet?

When are fan heaters quiet? That’s a valid question. However, the answer is not quite that simple, since of course everyone has a different tolerance limit when it comes to volume.

It is sometimes the case that the loudness of a particular sound source disturbs one person, while another person does not find it disturbing.

Nevertheless, we can roughly orient ourselves to specific sound levels of dedicated sound sources in order to identify particularly quiet devices.

A sound level of 40 dB (A) corresponds roughly to a quiet library or light rain. We associate a sound level of 45 dB (A) with a quiet apartment, while we associate 50 dB (A) with a normal apartment, birdsong or moderate rain.

We describe devices with these or similar noise levels as quiet.

Quiet fan heaters at a glance

In the following overview you will find some devices that stand out due to their particularly quiet operation, but still achieve the necessary heat output.

Brandson fan heater

The Brandson fan heater not only impresses with its attractive design, but also has many good properties.

With a high heat output of 2000 watts and two heating levels (level 1 = 1000 watts, level 2 = 2000 watts), the Brandson ceramic fan heater is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Brandson - fan heater with remote control, energy-saving, quiet - ceramic fan heater bathroom - oscillation function - 2x heating levels - timer - heating heater - GS certified

Brandson – fan heater with remote control, energy-saving, quiet – ceramic fan heater bathroom – oscillation function – 2x heating levels – timer – heating heater – GS certified*

  • Model name: Brandson ceramic fan heater incl. IR remote control | 303124
  • Use: The elegant 2000W Brandson ceramic fan heater combines high heat output with a…
  • Adjustable timer: With the additional time function, you can use the Brandson fan heater…

Thanks to the practical 35° oscillation function, the heat is evenly distributed in the room. This also ensures that the room heats up even faster.

Due to the integrated timer, the fan heater can be set between 0 and 8 hours.

The remote control, which can be used to control the device from the comfort of your couch, ensures even greater convenience.

Due to its higher dead weight and anti-tilt protection, the device offers a secure stand and also fulfills some important safety functions thanks to the integrated overheating protection.

Even at the highest level, at 2000 watts, the Brandson fan heater only achieves 47.5 dB (A) and is therefore one of the quietest fan heaters.

Rowenta SO2320 Instant Comfort Compact fan heater

The Rowenta SO2320 is a small but very practical fan heater that heats up small rooms quickly and extremely quietly. With its special silence setting, the device achieves just 44 dB(A). This is ideal for watching TV or reading when you want to be really quiet.


Rowenta SO2320 Instant Comfort Compact Fan Heater | 2000 watts | 2 power levels | quiet heating | compact | easy to transport | Car Safety | Gray

Rowenta SO2320 Instant Comfort Compact Fan Heater | 2000 watts | 2 power levels | quiet heating | compact | easy to transport | Car Safety | Gray*

  • Perfect Personal Space Heater: A space heater that quickly heats up the environment around you…
  • Adjustable heating levels: fan heater with 2 power levels for efficient heating – 1000 W for …
  • Quiet: With only 44 dB(A) the lowest level is practically noiseless – ideal for reading, …

If you need more power to heat up quickly, you won’t be disappointed with this device. Because at the highest level, the fan heater works with a powerful 2000 watts.

With these properties, the Rowenta SO2320 is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, home offices and offices. Of course, other rooms can also be heated with it.

Rowenta SO9266 Mini Excel Eco Safe Fan Heater

The Rowenta SO9266 has two powerful settings, 1000 and 2000 watts, and also offers an energy saving function.

In its quiet setting, the device works with only 50 dB (A) and is therefore also one of the quiet fan heaters.


Rowenta SO9266 Mini Excel Eco Safe Fan Heater | 2 power levels | compact | softly | Energy saving function | 1000-2000 watts | 50dB(A) | washable filter | automatic shutdown | Black

Rowenta SO9266 Mini Excel Eco Safe Fan Heater | 2 power levels | compact | softly | Energy saving function | 1000-2000 watts | 50dB(A) | washable filter | automatic shutdown | Black*

  • Ceramic technology: Mini Excel Eco Safe ceramic fan heater in a compact design for powerful and …
  • Dual overheat protection and alarm: Automatically shuts off and warns if something isn’t…
  • Two powerful settings + Eco function: 1000 watts for longer use, 2000 watts…

Furthermore, the device is equipped with an electronic thermostat, has a washable filter and runs on ceramic technology. A double overheating protection and alarm ensures safety.

iDOO fan heater

The iDOO fan heater is an extremely stylish device and an absolute eye-catcher thanks to its beautiful design. But it also has a lot to offer technically.

For heating, the iDOO offers two heating levels, namely 1000 watts and 1500 watts. The device also includes a “fan only” function that works like a fan to a certain extent.


iDOO Quiet fan heater, electric energy-saving heater, portable ceramic radiant heater with remote control, fast 1500W heating for large rooms, 12 hour timer, LED display

iDOO Quiet Fan Heater, Electric Energy-Saving Heater, Portable Ceramic Radiant Heater with Remote Control, Fast 1500W Heater for Large Rooms, 12-Hour Timer, LED Display*

  • Heats up in 2 seconds: the efficient electric room heater from iDOO has the…
  • Energy saver: The iDOO interior heating is equipped with exclusive energy-efficient PTC ceramic heating…
  • Kid & Pet Friendly: Equipped with safety features like self-regulating…

Its oscillation with a 60-degree movement distributes the heat evenly in the room. There is also a programmable timer (1-12 hours).

Functions such as overheating protection sensor, tilt safety switch and cool-touch housing ensure the necessary safety.

The fan heater can be operated using a small remote control or on the device itself. There is also a small LED display on the device.

In general, the iDOO fan heater works pleasantly quietly and does not reach more than 45 dB in the lowest setting.

However, the device does not have a built-in thermostat, so you cannot use it as a frost monitor or set a temperature.

Calculator: Calculate the energy costs of the fan heater

In general, electric heaters unfortunately consume quite a lot of energy, which is why they should not be used permanently for heating alone.

With our practical calculator you can easily calculate the energy costs of fan heaters.

Simply enter the performance of the device, the electricity price and optionally the runtime in hours. Our calculator will then show you the cost per hour and the total cost.

Pros and cons of fan heaters

In the following list you will find the advantages and disadvantages of fan heaters from our point of view:


  • Fast heat
  • Inexpensive to buy
  • Compact dimensions
  • transportable
  • Can be used flexibly
  • Very easy application


  • High power consumption
  • Fan makes operating noise
  • Dust can be thrown up by blowers
  • Room air dries out faster

Electric heating as an alternative

As an alternative to a fan heater, electric heaters or oil radiators can also be used. Although these are a bit more expensive to buy, they have the advantage that they work almost silently.

Although these devices take a little longer to heat up a room than a fan heater, they still emit residual heat when they are already switched off. This is of course not the case with a fan heater.


The times have changed. Good fan heaters no longer have to be noisy these days. There are now some recommendable quiet fan heaters on offer, which are also cheap to buy.

Whether as a new purchase or to replace an old and too loud fan – the purchase of a new device is definitely worthwhile.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How much does a fan heater cost per hour?

Most fan heaters run at the highest level with 2 kW (kilowatts). 1 kilowatt is 1000 watts. With an electricity price of 38 cents per kilowatt hour, this results in costs of around 0.76 euros per hour.

If the fan heater only runs with an output of 1000 watts (1kW), costs of 0.38 euros per hour arise.

What is cheaper? Gas heater or fan heater?

At the time of writing, a kilowatt hour of electricity costs more than twice as much as a kilowatt hour of gas. If you only heat with a fan heater, the energy costs would more than double.

How many watts should a fan heater have?

If you just want to heat up a small bathroom quickly, you don’t need more than 1000 watts. For slightly larger rooms up to 20 square meters, such as the kitchen, office or bedroom, it should be 2000 watts.

How many watts do you need for which room size?

Roughly one can say that you need about 100 watts of power per square meter of space. For a room of 15 square meters, we would need a power of 1500 watts. These values ​​apply to normal high ceilings. In old buildings with high ceilings, however, more power may be required.

What is a ceramic fan heater?

While conventional fan heaters work with metal wires (heating wires), ceramic heaters work with ceramic inserts as heating elements.

What are the advantages of ceramic fan heaters?

Ceramic fan heaters have a number of advantages over conventional fan heaters with heating wires. They last longer, are quieter and do not smell unpleasant.

Which fan heaters use little electricity?

Energy-saving fan heaters offer several heating levels. At the lowest level, which is also sometimes called eco mode, the devices consume the least power. However, they also have a lower performance.

Is there a fan heater that doesn’t stink?

Ceramic fan heaters usually smell much less than old devices with heating wires.

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