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Quiet Hair Dryer – Less Stress When Blow-Drying Your Hair?

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Hardly any other device in daily use can get on your nerves as much due to its volume as a hairdryer. For this reason, it should be more and more often a quiet hair dryer .

Especially early in the morning, when you want to blow-dry your hair after the shower, the noise of the hair dryer is particularly noticeable, as it affects almost everyone else in the apartment.

Anyone who would like to sleep while someone next door blows their hair in the bathroom can tell a song about it.

But even late in the evening or even in the middle of the night, a loud hair dryer is always a problem. And not only the user, because he works very close to the ears with the device and thus gets the full volume, but also other people.

Valera professional ion hair dryer Swiss Silent 9500, quiet and powerful, 2000 watts *
Valera professional ion hair dryer Swiss Silent Light 6500, light and quiet, 1800 watt *
Valera professional ion hair dryer Swiss Silent Jet Light 7500, super light, for quiet and fast drying, 2000 watts *
69 dBA (according to the manufacturer)
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2000 watts
1800 watts
2000 watts
6 temperature / airflow switch combinations
6 temperature / airflow switch combinations
6 temperature / airflow switch combinations
555 grams (without cable)
425 grams (without cable)
425 grams (without cable)
Ion generator, SECURIT corrugated wire heating element, cold air button, 2 professional extra-narrow curling nozzles, SILENT SYSTEM filter, removable metal filter
Ion generator, filter SILENT SYSTEM, SECURITY corrugated wire heating element, cooling button, 2 professional, extra narrow curling nozzles, removable metal filter
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The noise of a hairdryer is not always only noticeable in your own apartment. In apartment buildings – depending on the sound insulation of the wall to the neighbor – you can often hear when the neighbor blows his hair.

And depending on the time, that can be extremely annoying.

Perhaps you would like to sleep a little longer that day – but the noise of the neighbour’s hairdryer doesn’t allow that.

But even in the hairdressing salon you can regularly see how loud such hairdryers are often. When the person sitting next to you is blown professionally by the hairdresser, the pleasant conversation that is usually part of a visit to the hairdresser is usually over.

And at the latest when several customers are blow-drying in the salon at the same time, one would prefer to use hearing protection directly. Relaxation looks different.

Since volume generally always has a certain stress potential, there are many good reasons for a quiet hairdryer .


Valera professional ion hair dryer Swiss Silent Jet Light 7500, super light, for quiet and fast drying, 2000 watts

The Swiss Silent Jet 7500 from Valera is an extremely quiet hairdryer with 59 dB (A) specified by the manufacturer . At just 425 grams (without cable), this hair dryer is also pleasantly light.

The 3 meter long power cable and the Rotocord system, through which you can move the hairdryer without twisting the cable, are also very practical for regular use.

With 2000 watts, this hairdryer also has a lot of power and dries hair quickly.

➔ Here you can find the Valera SWISS SILENT JET 7500 on Amazon *


Valera Swiss Silent 6500 Light Ionic Rotocord

Valera professional ion hair dryer Swiss Silent Light 6500, light and quiet, 1800 wattsThe Valera Swiss Silent 6500 Light Ionic Rotocord is specified by the manufacturer with 64 dBA and is therefore also a very quiet hairdryer. This hairdryer also weighs only 425 grams without the cable and is therefore easy to hold.

This model also has the practical Rotocord system, which prevents the power cable from twisting. Anyone who uses a hair dryer without such a system knows how practical it can be in daily use. The 3 meter long cable does the rest.

With 1800 watts, the Swiss Silent 6500 also has sufficient power.

This model also has an ion generator and a SILENT SYSTEM filter.

➔ Here you can find the Valera Swiss Silent 6500 Light Ionic Rotocord on Amazon *


Valera professional ion hair dryer Swiss Silent 9500, quiet and powerful, 2000 wattsWith its 2000 watts, the VALERA SWISS SILENT 9500 is a power pack. This model is specified by the manufacturer as 69 dBA and, like the other two hairdryers, has a SILENT SYSTEM filter.

This hair dryer also comes with a Super-Flex cable that is 3 meters long and has the ROTOCORD function so that the cable does not twist.

Without the cable, the weight is 555 grams.

➔ Here you can find the VALERA SWISS SILENT 9500 IONIC ROTOCORD on Amazon *

How do you recognize a quiet hair dryer?

Well, how do you recognize a quiet hair dryer now? This question may sound a bit strange to one or the other. You can recognize a quiet hair dryer by the fact that it blows particularly quietly, right?

That is of course correct. But if you want to buy a quiet hair dryer, then of course you can’t see the volume of the device in its packaging or on the product images.

So you have no choice but to trust the manufacturer’s information. Some manufacturers add the addition “silent” or even “super silent” to their devices to indicate that the hair dryer would work particularly quietly.

But of course that is not a specific indication.

You are probably better served if the manufacturer provides more specific information and also supports this with figures. And indeed there are manufacturers who give a specific number for certain models. In such cases a dBA or dB (A) number is given.

If this is the case, then you have the option of comparing several devices with one another in terms of the volume specified by the manufacturer.

Another way to find out a little more about the volume of the hair dryer is through the customer reviews on Amazon. Particularly popular models often have a large number of such reviews, in which customers comment on the respective device.

There you will also occasionally find information on the volume of the devices. Of course, these are individual opinions, but they can often be very helpful. Because anyone who has already used a certain device can of course provide particularly valuable information.

What is the use of a quiet hairdryer?

Of course, a conventional hair dryer has a certain background noise due to its design. Modern hairdryers work with considerable power, which is usually noticeable by increased volume.

Precisely for this reason, every noticeable reduction in volume can already mean a relief.

Other properties

A quiet hair dryer is all well and good. But volume isn’t everything, of course. Other properties should also be kept in mind.


With a hair dryer, the output is given in watts. As a rule, the higher the output, the higher the air speed. A high output has a positive effect on the duration of the drying process.

Powerful devices often come with 2000 watts and more.

Features and equipment

Although a hair dryer seems to be a relatively simple device at first, there are quite a few differences in terms of functions and features.

Hairdryers can bring the following functions and features

  • different number of adjustable fan and temperature levels
  • Cold stage
  • Overheating protection
  • Hanging loop
  • Ionization function
  • Cool down button
  • Cable with rotating element / left
  • Cable length
  • Removable air intake filter
  • Further

Depending on which functions and properties are important for a quiet hair dryer, you should therefore pay attention to how the device is set up with regard to these functions and properties.

The selection of hairdryers is large, so everyone should find an individually suitable, quiet hair dryer.


The weight factor should not be ignored when buying a quiet hairdryer. Especially if you blow-dry a lot every day. After all, the hair dryer has to be held in one hand for a while while the arm is in motion.

Overhead movements are also not uncommon. Handling a heavy hair dryer is exhausting.

Anyone who already has problems with their shoulder, neck or wrist should pay more attention to a light model.


Even a quiet hair dryer should of course lie comfortably and securely in the hand and be as comfortable as possible to use. Good ergonomics also means that the hair dryer is comfortable and balanced to hold in the hand.

In addition, the controls should be easily accessible with one hand while blow-drying.


A hair dryer can come with various accessories. Common accessories are various nozzles and attachments. A diffuser (air shower) is also a popular accessory for gently drying and styling dry or frizzy hair.

If you need such attachments, you should take a look at the accessories. If necessary, certain attachments can also be purchased individually.

Devices for private or professional use

Hairdryers are available for private and professional use. Professional use is usually understood to mean use in a hair salon. Since such devices are used much more frequently than in private use, more is often expected of hairdryers for professional use.

Such professional hairdryers also cut a fine figure in your own four walls. Why not. If you have the highest demands on a hairdryer, you should therefore look around in this segment.


Of course, as with almost every purchase, the price also plays a certain role when buying a quiet hair dryer. If you have decided on a certain model, a price comparison can be quite useful.

Anyone who decides to buy online can do so conveniently on their home computer, smartphone or tablet.

Quiet hair dryer – our conclusion

Modern hair dryers often come with enormous power. This performance is also often desired so that the hair can dry faster.

However, with such a performance there is often an unpleasant background noise that not only annoys the users of the hair dryer, but also other people in particular.

A particularly quiet hair dryer can be more pleasant in this regard.

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