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Quiet Slippers – Quietly Through The Apartment

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Quiet slippers are comfortable for you and the residents below you, as they minimize the impact noise.

Here you can find out which models you can use to move quietly and comfortably through the apartment. You will also get to know an alternative to slippers that is particularly suitable for children.

The problem: footfall noise

Impact sound penetrates down through the floor
Impact sound penetrates down through the floor

Those who live on the top floor have it good. Nobody tramples on the head at the top.


Many other residents of an apartment building are certainly familiar with the problem that unpleasant footfall noise or even trampling can be heard from the apartment above.

Impact sound is structure-borne sound that occurs when people move on a floor. But animals can of course also generate impact noise through their movements on the floor.

If this structure-borne noise is transmitted to an apartment below, it can be loud and annoying.

Own experiences as a person affected and as a cause “

I have already experienced the need for quiet slippers from both perspectives.

As the polluter

When I moved into an apartment in an old building and naturally always wore normal sneakers there, a few weeks after I moved in, the tenant below made me aware that my steps in the apartment were clearly too loud for him.

For me it was quite incomprehensible at first and with the best will in the world I couldn’t imagine that my few steps could actually be too loud.

I then bought quiet slippers, but this complaint, which was incomprehensible to me at the time, strained the relationship between me and the neighbor below me.

As a victim

A few years later I moved to another apartment and quickly found that I had to hear loud footsteps from the apartment above me until late in the evening. Even when I was in bed to sleep, this trampling kept me awake for a long time.

Therefore I spoke carefully to the tenant above me when the opportunity was favorable and made her aware of the noise. She was a bit surprised at my objection right away, but then admitted that she would often walk in her apartment with normal street shoes and sometimes even high heels.

Fortunately, she showed her understanding. A few days after our conversation, she rang my doorbell and showed me her new, quiet slippers with felt soles. From then on I was calm and no longer heard any footsteps above me.

After this experience, I was now able to understand the previous tenant’s complaint. Loud steps from the apartment above can be really annoying in the long run.

Quiet slippers

Quiet slippers are practical for you and for the residents below you, as they can reduce footfall noise.

Quiet slippers can be a solution

If every step of the apartment above can be clearly heard in an apartment, one could of course assume that there is a structural defect here. Maybe that’s the way it is.

But what now? As a tenant, you have few options to change this situation overnight. For a longer-term solution, you can certainly try to speak to the landlord about the problem.

But in the short term, only quiet slippers or socks will help.

Slippers with felt soles dampen footsteps

Felt is not only soundproof, but also insulates well against heat and cold. In addition, felt is resistant, easy to clean and pressure-elastic (see Wikipedia ).

This is why this material is also used for felt gliders .

Because of these positive properties, felt is an excellent material for slippers. And not just for the sole.

But even a rubber sole, which is also non-slip, is often very quiet.

Quiet slippers for children

One hears particularly often of complaints due to trampling in the apartment above when children live there.

In this case, however, the neighbor should be lenient. Small children move around a lot in the apartment and a 3-year-old child, for example, can sometimes trample through the apartment. That is normal.

Still, parents can, of course, try to avoid potential conflict by keeping children slippers quiet.

Living together in an apartment building usually works best when everyone shows the other a bit of consideration.


Giesswein children's slippers Oberstaufen

Giesswein children’s slippers Oberstaufen *

  • made of 100% new wool
  • Flexible and non-slip rubber sole
  • Slim fit
GIESSWEIN House Shoe Türnberg - closed children's house shoes made of wool felt | warm slippers for girls & boys | non-slip rubber sole | Felt slippers

GIESSWEIN House Shoe Türnberg – closed children’s house shoes made of wool felt | warm slippers for girls & boys | non-slip rubber sole | Felt slippers *

  • ✅ [100% WOOL]: These cute winter slippers for children are made from warm wool and are particularly breathable and skin-friendly. Pure wool ensures that little children’s feet feel completely healthy and, above all, dry on the skin.
  • ✅ [SOFT & NON-SLIP]: The flexible rubber sole provides optimal support and promises absolute surefootedness – both for the first steps and when romping around in kindergarten.
  • ✅ [PERFECT-FIT]: The elastic band ensures an individual and at the same time perfect fit. Easy on and off is guaranteed with this felt wool slipper!

ABS socks instead of slippers

However, especially for children, it doesn’t always have to be quiet slippers. ABS socks, stopper socks and anti-slip socks are also a welcome alternative to slippers and are particularly quiet.

Falke unisex children, Cosyshoe K SO- 10560, slippers with non-slip knobs, merino wool, 1-pack, blue (regatta 6160), 37-38

Falke unisex children, Cosyshoe K SO- 10560, slippers with non-slip knobs, merino wool, 1 pack, blue (regatta 6160), 37-38 *

  • Slipper made of warming merino wool with inner plush; Hut shoes from FALKE in sizes 23-38; Comfortable, foldable cuffs as well as secure hold thanks to silicone nubs on the ergonomic felt sole; Anti-slip sole for a secure hold for active children
  • Opaque, monochrome stopper socks with a non-constricting elastic waistband; warm and non-slip for home; Comfortable to wear and no slipping on the foot; Slippers for boys, girls, teenagers and children
  • FALKE Cosyshoe does not fluff; The fit and color are retained even after repeated washing; These stopper socks can be washed at 30 ° C on a wool cycle
FALKE unisex children's socks, Catspads K CP-10500, turquoise (arctic 7300), 23-26

FALKE unisex children’s socks, Catspads K CP-10500, turquoise (arctic 7300), 23-26 *

  • Stopper socks with light, warming merino wool on the inside and hard-wearing cotton on the outside
  • Soft and comfortable thanks to the plush inside, a secure hold thanks to silicone nubs on the sole
  • These stockings can be washed at 30 ° C on a wool cycle

Anti-slip socks

What does the term ABS socks actually stand for?

ABS stands for anti-lock braking system and is a term from the automotive sector. However, it has become common to call anti-slip socks with rubber studs under the sole colloquially ABS socks.

Quiet slippers for adults

Even though adults usually move more quietly through the apartment than children, the steps of adults can also be quite loud and annoying.

Here it depends largely on the footwear and of course on the floor covering.

If there is carpeting in the apartment, the footstep noises are of course much lower, because carpets have a sound-absorbing effect.

However, the story looks different again with plank floors or laminate. You have to reckon with significantly greater impact noise on such floors.

Even simple sneakers can lead to loud footstep noises on such floors – I had to experience this myself once.

Therefore, quiet slippers for adults are ideal in the apartment. Here you have a large selection of different models and different designs.

In terms of soundproofing, you should pay close attention to the sole of the respective slippers. You can’t go wrong with a sole made of felt, wool or rubber.

Haflinger slipper Paul, unisex adults, gray (graphite 77), size 39

Haflinger slipper Paul, unisex adults, gray (graphite 77), size 39 *

  • Shoe type: hut shoe
  • Manufacturer color information: anthracite
  • Upper material: 100% pure new wool (felt)

Pay attention to quality, even with quiet slippers

If you want to buy new street shoes, you usually already have a very precise idea of ​​the shoes and choose according to many different criteria. Material, color, shape, brand, intended use and weather resistance often play a role here.

When it comes to slippers, it is usually easier to choose, as these shoes are only worn at home. First and foremost, the shoes should be very comfortable and keep your feet warm.

Still, you shouldn’t blindly buy quiet slippers either. You should pay attention to a certain quality so that you can enjoy your shoe as long as possible.

Especially when you’ve finally found a really comfortable, perfectly fitting and quiet slipper, it would be very annoying if it didn’t last long.

Felt slippers for guests

Recently we were invited to a small birthday party with friends. It was pouring rain outside and it was natural that we would take off our shoes at the door.

But a little surprise awaited us here. Because each guest got their own pair of quiet slippers made of felt, so-called felt slippers. We found this idea very good. So the feet stayed warm and the tenant below was not unnecessarily bothered with loud steps from the guests.

So if you have frequent visitors, you can get a small set of felt slippers for guests.

Of course, you won’t always have exactly the right shoe size in stock for every guest, but that is not so important for guesthouse shoes that are only worn temporarily.

The fact that there are already guest house shoe sets like this one * , which consist of several guest house shoes in different sizes, is very practical .

This means that every visitor will find a suitable guest house shoe.


Impact noise from the apartment above is a common problem and can cause some annoyance.

In order to protect the ears and nerves of the neighbors below, it helps to consistently avoid loud shoes in the apartment. Instead, quiet slippers can be used.

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