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Sleep headphones – 4 headphones for sleeping

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Do you have trouble falling asleep sometimes? Or are your surroundings too loud to relax?

Sleep headphones may help you with these problems .

Because headphones for sleeping have been specially developed so that they can also be worn comfortably in bed.

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What are sleep headphones and why are they used?

Sleep headphones are headphones that are particularly comfortable to wear and should not disturb you while you are sleeping.

They are mostly used for two different reasons.

On the one hand, they are used to comfortably listen to an audio book, a podcast or even relaxing music or nature sounds in bed so that you can fall asleep better.

But they are also used to shield yourself from disturbing noises and noise. For example, when the street noise is too loud to fall asleep, the dear neighbors do not want to rest, or your partner snores too loudly.

For whatever reason. Headphones for sleeping can be a very welcome tool for relaxing, switching off and falling asleep.

The headphone problem while sleeping

People with headphones can be seen every corner. Whether on the bus, on the train, in the gym or on the street.

This is no wonder, because headphones are wonderfully suited to isolate yourself from the environment a bit and to be able to enjoy music or podcasts in peace and quiet.

Most models, however, have one major problem. Because as good as they sound, many headphones are just very uncomfortable and impractical in bed. You can usually not sleep with it.

Let’s take a look at the common types of headphones.

Over-ear, earbuds and on-ear headphones
Over-ear, earbuds and on-ear headphones

In ear headphones

In-ear headphones are small and compact and are inserted directly into the ear canal. As a result, they sit very firmly and achieve good shielding from the outside.

However, if you wear them to bed and lie on your side, they usually press into your ear very uncomfortably. This can cause pain.

In addition, in-ear headphones should not be worn all night, as the ear canal cannot be properly ventilated. Such models can also be unhygienic in the long run.

Over-ear headphones

With over-ear headphones, the earpiece completely encloses the ear and rests on the head. Since there is no pressure on the ear, such over-ear headphones are quite comfortable to wear.

However, these models are quite large and can slip quickly when lying down if you are not lying motionless on your back like a mummy.

You can’t lie on your side with over-ear headphones at all. Headphones of this type are therefore not suitable for bed use.

On-ear headphones

With on-ear headphones, the ear cups lie directly on the ears. This creates permanent pressure on the ears, which some people find uncomfortable.

Due to the rather loose fit, they can also slip very quickly. Even with such models, you can’t lie on your side.

Models of this type are therefore not suitable for sleeping in bed.


There are also the so-called earbuds. Such models were very widespread in the past, but no longer play such a major role today.

Earbuds are not inserted directly into the ear canal, but rather sit loosely in the auricle. As a result, however, they can fall out of the ear relatively easily and have significant deficits in terms of bass reproduction.

Worn in bed, normal earbuds shouldn’t stay in the ear for long.

So we see that conventional headphones are not really suitable for wearing in bed. Small in-ear headphones or earbuds are most likely to work for this purpose, as long as they do not press too uncomfortably into the ears of people who sleep on their side.

But that shouldn’t be ideal for most people either.

For this reason there are special sleep headphones.

Sleep headphones – you should consider these properties

Sleep and relax with headphones
Sleep and relax with headphones

But what is the difference between headphones for sleeping and “normal” headphones? What should you look out for when buying?

The following points are important:


The most important property is definitely the comfort. If you’ve ever gone to bed with regular headphones on, you’ll know why.

It should be soft and as comfortable as possible in bed. Nothing should press, nothing should disturb or be uncomfortable.

In addition, mobility should not be restricted in bed.

With normal over-ear or on-ear headphones, there is no flower pot to be won in bed. Not only the auricles, but also the bracket bothers.

You cannot lie on your side and any movement of your head will cause the headphones to slip. No thanks.

The comfort would be best with wireless in-ear headphones. But even these are not ideal headphones for sleeping. Because even the small in-ear headphones can press in the ear for a long time.

It is therefore important to use headphones for sleeping that are as comfortable as possible.

If you want to buy sleep headphones, you should make sure that wearing comfort takes precedence over sound quality.

Transmission path (radio or cable)

Opinions often differ when it comes to the transmission path of headphones.

Some people swear by wired headphones because they offer better sound quality.

Others, on the other hand, definitely don’t want to miss their Bluetooth headphones anymore, because they leave much more freedom of movement without cables.

But what about in bed in this regard?

Both variants are definitely used in bed. However, wireless headphones have the same advantages in bed as on the go. Because you no longer have to pay attention to a cable and you can move much more freely.

Especially when you fall asleep with the headphones on and then move around a lot while you sleep, wireless models are of course an advantage.

Sound quality

Sound quality is usually the number one priority when choosing headphones. No wonder, because anyone who listens to music intensively naturally wants to enjoy excellent sound and, if possible, tease out the last detail from the recording.

Music is just a pleasure.

With sleep headphones, however, the sound quality does not have to be paid too much attention.

Because falling asleep is usually only heard at a very low volume, so that you don’t pay attention to the last detail anyway.

And the volume is indeed an important point. Because to fall asleep you should only hear at a very low volume, otherwise your hearing could be permanently damaged.

In addition, many people do not listen to music at all to fall asleep, but rather podcasts, audio books or special nature sounds to relax. A particularly good sound quality is not required for these purposes.

Personally, when I go to sleep in bed, for example, I usually listen to certain YouTube videos that only involve speaking. Headphones with top sound quality would therefore be a waste of money.

Headphones for sleeping do not need the best sound quality and do not have to be particularly loud.

That is of course a good thing, because the special design of certain sleep headphones would not allow that at all.

Which sleep headphones are there?

So, now it’s time to get down to business. We look at some models.

If you are looking for Schlaf headphones, you will find many very similar-looking models that initially seem a bit unusual.

Because this is a kind of headband, which has integrated thin speakers at ear level.

Such a construction has several advantages. Namely the following:

  • Convenient to carry
  • Don’t slip that easily
  • Do not need to be inserted into the ear canal
  • You can also lie on your side with it (suitable for side sleepers)
  • Wireless through bluetooth
  • Headband can usually be washed (hygiene)
  • Can also be worn as an eye mask, depending on the model (for example on an airplane)
  • Are often cheap to buy

Sleep headphones as a headband

There are now quite a few such models on the market, all of which have the same structure and are otherwise very similar.

A very popular model is, for example, the Bluetooth sleep headphones from Hanpure, which you can find here on Amazon * .

According to the manufacturer, this model offers:

  • Headband made of soft and breathable material
  • 2 flat mini speakers that shouldn’t press on the ears
  • HiFi stereo sound
  • Wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • Easily pair / sync with smartphones, computers and most other Bluetooth compatible devices
  • Wireless range: 10-20 meters
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours
  • Speakers can be easily removed so that the headband can be washed.
Sleep headphones Bluetooth advent calendar sleep headphones - personalized gifts Sleepphones with ultra-thin HD stereo speakers, super soft sleep headphones for sports, side sleepers, etc.
Sleep headphones Bluetooth advent calendar sleep headphones – personalized gifts sleepphones with ultra-thin HD stereo speakers, super soft sleep headphones for sports, side sleepers, etc *

  • Great multifunctional sleep headphones: Sleep headphones & sleep mask & sports headband 3 in 1. With the HANPURE sleep headphones you can listen to music without wearing additional headphones and protect you from the disturbances caused by your messy hair and sweat. The sleep headphones have a built-in microphone so you won’t miss any calls. Very suitable for fitness, exercise, running, yoga and other outdoor activities.
  • Longer service time & high quality playback: HANPURE Bluetooth sleep headphones have an improved USB rechargeable battery that is charged for around 2-2.5 hours and provides more than 10 hours of playtime. High quality chipsets ensure clear sound and lossless music. Built-in microphone and volume control buttons that allow users to take phone calls hands-free and play the previous / next song without using your phone
  • Super soft and breathable headband headphones: The HANPURE Bluetooth headband sleep headphones are extremely soft and light. It is made of durable braided cord and has a breathable mesh lining, is easy to stretch and adapts to all head sizes, is also incredibly soft and hypoallergenic. HANPURE Bluetooth sleep headphones are washable, simply remove the speakers and clean the headband

Sleep headphones as a sleep mask

In addition to sleep headphones in headband format, there are also sleep headphones that explicitly come in the sleep mask design (eye mask) and can be worn over the eyes.

LC-dolida sleep headphones bluetooth sleep mask music eye mask light-blocking sleep mask with wireless 5.0 headset, soft & comfortable for naps, sleep, yoga and travel, washable
LC-dolida sleep headphones bluetooth sleep mask music eye mask light-blocking sleep mask with wireless 5.0 headset, soft & comfortable for nap, sleep, yoga and travel, washable *

  • 【2019 Upgraded Bluetooth Schlafmake】 Our sleep mask with headphones have the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, a faster and stable connection, a soft and breathable silk lining, a playing time of 8-10 hours and a high-quality sound for side sleepers.
  • 【High-capacity battery for up to 8-10 hours】 The charging time of this eye mask only takes 1.5 to 2.5 hours, it can be used continuously for more than 8 hours. You can listen to music and fall asleep quickly without wearing extra headphones. Our upgraded sleep mask has nice packaging, it really is a perfect gift for friends or family!
  • 【Noise suppression and innovative nose design】 The wireless eye mask has specially designed the nose area with a soft nose bridge and a breathable silk inner eye design. Noses and eyes are not strained best in complete darkness, no matter in the office / when traveling by plane / resting on the bed etc, just to meet your various needs!

These sleep headphones usually have the same functions as the headbands, but are ideal for sleeping as they are opaque.

So you can go to sleep in a bright environment, for example on the plane or train.
Such a sleep mask is of course also well suited for power napping in the office.

A popular sleep mask is the LC-dolida, which you can find here on Amazon * .

Wired sleep headphones

Sleep headphones don’t always have to be wireless. There are also wired models.

These wired and very light sleep headphones from Hearprotek, which you can find here on Amazon * , are made of soft silicone and are therefore comfortable to wear.

These models should also be well suited for side sleepers.

The player can be controlled with a 3-button inline remote control.

Hearprotek 2 pairs of silicone sleep earphones, comfortable anti-noise in-ear headphones 3.5 mm plug with microphone and volume control for insomnia, side sleepers, light sleepers, snoring
Hearprotek 2 pairs of silicone sleep earphones, comfortable anti-noise in-ear headphones 3.5 mm plug with microphone and volume control for insomnia, side sleepers, light sleepers, snoring *

  • 【Comfortable & Ergonomic Fit】 The ergonomic design with double layer tip conforms to the auricle to maximize comfort and provide a secure fit that effectively blocks noise reduction. This product was specially developed for people who sleep on their side so that they can enjoy a good night’s sleep without pressure pain.
  • 【Ultra Soft & Lightweight】 Made of soft silicone instead of plastic. This makes them super comfortable to wear as they don’t dig into your ear canal. Super light, weighs only 10.5 g (0.37 oz / pair), is incredibly light and not bothersome, so you hardly feel it when you wear it to sleep.
  • 【Durable & durable The earphones are made of bulletproof, sturdy and durable wire. You don’t have to worry about breaking the earbuds even though you toss in bed and turn on all night. The extra long, thin 125 cm wire does not restrict your movement.

As you can see, these types of sleep headphones are relatively cheap to buy.

Accordingly, in terms of sound quality, you can of course not compare these models with over-ear, on-ear or in-ear headphones for over a hundred euros or more.

For listening to audio books and podcasts to fall asleep, however, such models are often completely sufficient.

Bose Sleepbuds II

The Bose Sleepbuds II, which you can find here on Amazon *, follow a completely different concept .

These completely wireless sleepbuds have been specially developed for a good night’s sleep.

But one thing should be made clear right at the beginning: The Bose sleepbuds cannot play music or other sources, but only play the sounds from the special Bose app (sound library).

This makes the sleepbuds very different from other headphones for sleeping.

But stay tuned, because even if you can’t listen to music with these headphones, it’s worth taking a closer look at these chic buds.

Because for one or the other, the sleepbuds could actually be exactly what he or she has been looking for for a long time. These earbuds can do a lot.


Bose Sleepbuds II - Fall Asleep Faster With Clinically Proven Sleep Technology.  Relaxing and calming sounds for a better sleep
Bose Sleepbuds II – Fall Asleep Faster With Clinically Proven Sleep Technology. Relaxing and calming sounds for a better sleep *

  • Sleepbuds, not headphones: the sleepbuds are designed for your sleep. They look like tiny headphones, but they can’t be used to stream music or podcasts. Instead, they help you fall asleep quickly and sleep through the night thanks to the relaxing and noise-masking sounds.
  • User-tested: Bose sleep technology has been clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster.
  • A better solution for a good night’s sleep: The sleepbuds use innovative noise masking technology instead of noise reduction. Together with the noise shielding of the earbuds, the noise-masking sounds of Bose block out any unwanted noise.

With sleep headphones, comfort is of course primarily important.

The Bose Sleepbuds II silicone ear tips are soft and adapt to the natural shape of your ears thanks to their flexible silicone wings.

So they can be worn comfortably and safely all night. Even if you move around in your sleep.

Once inserted, the Bose Sleepbuds II should help you fall asleep faster.


In addition, special, noise-masking tones can be played so that you don’t wake up at night. This is ensured by certain tones in the right frequencies so that unwanted noises are not even noticed.

Even the comfortable sealing of the sleepbuds ensures passive noise reduction.

What sounds can the Bose Sleepbuds II play?

But what do you get to hear with Sleepbuds II? Well, with the sleepbuds you can play all the content of the Bose Sleep app.

In this app you will primarily find calming sounds, such as certain nature noises.

But also the special noise-masking sounds, which are supposed to block out disturbing noises such as snoring, traffic or loud neighbors.

It is very nice that you can also set an alarm clock in the Bose app that only you can hear. This way, your partner won’t wake up because your alarm clock goes off.

By the way: thanks to the phone-free mode, the smartphone does not have to be in the same room. This is also a great solution, because not everyone likes to sleep next to a cell phone.

All in all, the Bose Sleepbuds II are a really good idea for those who find it difficult to fall asleep or who want to block out unwanted noises at night.

Are noise canceling headphones also suitable for sleeping?

Noise canceling headphones with active noise cancellation are currently on everyone’s lips.

With these ANC headphones, a small integrated computer picks up external noises through microphones and eliminates them using anti-noise.

Depending on the model, this works sometimes better and sometimes worse.

See also the article on noise-reducing headphones on Wikipedia .

Most noise canceling headphones cope best with low and humming noises in particular. Medium and high frequencies can usually not be faded out as well.

But even such ANC headphones are usually in-ear, on-ear or over-ear headphones, which is why they are usually unsuitable in bed. Sleeping in bed should be difficult.

Such headphones are much more suitable for on the go and when traveling. There they do their job really well, depending on the model.

What are the alternatives?

When it comes to fading out noises as well as possible at night, there are of course other little helpers and measures that you can take.

First of all, it is of course important to ensure as much peace and quiet in the bedroom as possible.

Suitable soundproofing for the bedroom , which we have already reported on in detail here, forms the basis for all further measures.

But the issue of window soundproofing should also be considered. This is because most of the outside noise often enters the home through poorly insulated windows.

People who live on a busy street should pay special attention to this point.

Sometimes it can be helpful to hang a good soundproof curtain in front of the window.

But you shouldn’t ignore the small and cheap helpers either.

For example, some people swear by a so-called white noise machine to help them fall asleep better .

But it can also be easier and cheaper. A neighbor told me, for example, that she only goes to bed with earplugs to sleep . These little aids would have helped her fall asleep and sleep through for many years.

Those who are already satisfied with such earplugs can save a lot of money because these small earplugs can already be bought cheaply.


If you enjoy listening to audio books, podcasts or music in bed, then sleep headphones can be the ideal tool for you.

Because there is hardly anything nicer than falling asleep slowly and comfortably with a good audio book.

However, if you are looking for noise shielding and you want to suppress unwanted noises from your surroundings while you sleep, then the Bose Sleepbuds II could be just the thing for you.

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