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With a mouse that doesn’t click, you have more peace of mind while working

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mouse that does not click is not only appreciated by the respective user, but also by his immediate environment.

Anyone who works a lot on the computer knows the problem. Many programs and applications are operated almost exclusively with the mouse and the input device emits a more or less loud click every time a key is pressed.

In the long run it can be quite annoying.

Especially when many quick clicks are carried out in a row, the computer mouse becomes particularly stressful.

Anyone who is exposed to such monotonous and annoying background noises for several hours will quickly want a noiseless mouse .

With a mouse that is as quiet as possible, your own nerves should be spared, but consideration should also be given to colleagues or family members present.

What noiseless mice are there? Which are particularly popular?

Not all computer mice are created equal. Because mice have developed a lot over time.

There are, for example, the quiet wireless mouse, the quiet wireless mouse, the noiseless gaming mouse and the silent wired mouse.

In the following we introduce some particularly popular noiseless mice.

Wireless Silent Mice from Logitech

Anyone who has already dealt with computer accessories will know the name Logitech . In particular, computer mice and keyboards are known from the large Swiss company.

For this reason, it is of course obvious that Logitech also has low-noise mice in its portfolio.

With the M590 Multi-Device Silent , the M330 Silent Plus and the M220 Silent , Logitech has three popular wireless silent mice in its portfolio that are worth taking a closer look at.

Logitech M590 Multi-Device Silent

The Logitech M590 Multi-Device Silent ( here at Amazon * ) is a noiseless wireless mouse with 7 buttons, a scroll wheel and a sensor resolution of 1,000 dpi.

For power users who work with several computers at the same time, the M590 with Logitech Flow offers a special function with which you can move the mouse pointer across two computers.

Logitech Flow is even said to offer the ability to copy and paste text, images and files from one computer to another.

According to Logitech, the click noises are said to have been reduced by over 90% with the same click feeling.

M330 Silent Plus

With the Logitech M330 Silent Plus ( here at Amazon * ), the click noises are said to have been reduced by over 90% with the same click feeling, according to the manufacturer.

So here too we are dealing with a quiet mouse.

The M330 Silent Plus is made for the right hand and has comfortable, curved and soft rubber gripping surfaces so that the mouse lies comfortably in the hand.

The wireless connection is achieved via a nano USB receiver and should have a range of up to 10 meters. A battery life of up to 24 months is also specified.


Logitech M330 Silent Plus wireless, noiseless mouse

Logitech M330 Silent Plus wireless, noiseless mouse *

  • Absolutely noiseless: the mouse reduces clicking noises by over 90 percent compared to conventional products
  • Wireless and smooth: The quiet wireless PC mouse works without cables over a long range and glides smoothly over surfaces thanks to Advanced Optical Tracking
  • Handy fit: The M330 SILENT PLUS from Logitech fits comfortably in your right hand thanks to its soft and smartly shaped grip surfaces
  • High energy efficiency: The noiseless mouse from Logitech consumes little power thanks to its standby mode and enables a 24-month battery life
  • Compatible: The quiet computer mouse is suitable for all common operating systems (Windows, Mac, Chrome OS and Linux)

M220 silent

The Logitech M220 Silent Mouse ( here on Amazon * ) has the manufacturer for the same click feeling by 90% reduced clicks compared to the Logitech M170 on.

In addition, this model should have a battery life of up to 18 months and achieve a wireless range of 10 meters.

The design of the mouse is designed for right and left handers. Due to the small dimensions of the M220 Silent, the mouse is particularly easy to transport.


Logitech M220 Silent Mouse

Logitech M220 Silent Mouse *

  • Enjoy the sound of silence: with the same click feeling and clicking noises reduced by over 90 percent, both you and those around you will appreciate this quiet mouse. Comparison of the volume level with the Logitech M170. Measured by an independent laboratory and verified by Quiet Mark
  • Wireless PC mouse: Benefit from the reliable wireless connection with a range of up to 10 m thanks to the tiny USB nano receiver. The M220 SILENT also offers Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking for precise movements on almost any surface, with and without a mouse pad, even when gaming. Actual wireless range depends on device usage, settings, and environmental conditions
  • Long battery life: Thanks to its energy-saving technology, you can use the mouse for up to 18 months without changing the battery. In addition, the M220 SILENT automatically switches to standby when not in use. The battery life is usage dependent
  • Flexible: The design for right- and left-handers offers more comfort and precision than your touchpad and works on Windows and Mac computers. Thanks to its small size, you can take this mouse with you wherever you go
  • We also recommend: Our Logitech M330 Silent Wireless Mouse for more comfort – for the right hand with soft rubber grips

Quiet gaming mouse

Gaming mice are enjoying increasing popularity not only among gamers.

A gaming mouse stands out from a conventional computer mouse through certain ergonomics, additional buttons and functions and a high-resolution sensor.

In addition, gaming mice often stand out from the crowd when it comes to optics.

A very popular silent gaming mouse is the Topelek wireless mouse (discover here on Amazon * ) with 7 buttons and adjustable DPI.

Do you want to learn more about the interesting history of the computer mouse? In the Wikipedia entry you can read the story of the mouse.

Scenarios for a mouse with no clicking sound

Scenarios for a quiet mouse
Scenarios for a quiet mouse

There are many different scenarios in which a silent mouse is beneficial.

The noiseless mouse in the office

The classic is probably the office. Anyone who sits in one office with several colleagues or even works in an open-plan office knows the problem. The sound of keyboards and non-stop mouse clicks can be heard from every corner.

Such a background noise is not only annoying, but can also have a negative effect on concentration.

In particular, noise-sensitive people suffer particularly from this noise.

A quiet mouse for the home

But there is often a need for a quiet computer mouse at home too . Especially when the computer or notebook is not housed in a separate office.

We ourselves had this problem because the notebook with the mouse connected was in the living room on our large living room table.

If one person worked on the notebook while the other person wanted to sleep on the couch or watch TV, we already had a small problem. A silent mouse can help in such a situation.

Mouse without clicking noise for on the go

Even those who are often on the move with their notebook and want to work in cafes, with customers or in the library will appreciate a silent computer mouse very much. Because if you are a guest in a foreign room, you usually want to be considerate of other people.

In particular, in quiet areas such as study rooms and libraries, it is of course very important to remain calm.

A quiet mouse for gameplay recordings

Anyone who records or streams their gameplay usually tries to produce as little disturbing noise as possible. Loud clicks often annoy viewers after a short time.

A particularly quiet gaming mouse is therefore a good option for gameplay recordings .

Quiet mouse for screencasts

Anyone who regularly records screencasts professionally or semi-professionally is always concerned with good sound quality. Because in a video, good sound is just as important as a good picture.

Anyone who explains complex software in a screencast definitely does not want to record every click of the mouse on the audio track.

This is why a low-noise or noiseless mouse is ideal for production when recording sound and video in the form of a screencast .

In addition to the clicking noises of a mouse, clattering keyboards can also get on your nerves. This can be remedied with a quiet keyboard .

Is a mouse really noiseless when it doesn’t click?

When it comes to silent computer mice , the saving in noise is usually related to the clicking noises.

With a silent mouse , it is important that the click noises of the buttons are as quiet as possible. How quiet these clicks really are in practice differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.

However, during operation a mouse does not only generate noises when the buttons are clicked, but also when the wheel is operated and when the mouse is moved on a table or a mouse pad.

So there is always some noise when working. In practice, however, when it comes to noise it is actually a great relief if the clicking noise of the mouse is reduced as much as possible.

Is a mouse that doesn’t make a click for everyone?

noiseless mouse is suitable for anyone who feels disturbed by the loud clicking of the buttons while working with the computer mouse, or who wants to be considerate of other people present.

Let’s be honest, clicking a mouse can be really annoying at times.

However, if you don’t have to be considerate of other people and don’t feel disturbed by clicking the mouse, you usually don’t need a quiet mouse .

Some users even explicitly do not want to forego the click when pressing a mouse button, since they understand this sound as an acoustic confirmation of the click.

Conclusion on the mouse without clicking noise

Quiet mice try to eliminate disturbing noises as much as possible. This is not only pleasant for the respective user, but also for the corresponding environment.


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