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Acoustic partition for the office or home office

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Acoustic partitions are very practical and extremely flexible elements that can be set up both in business and in your own four walls. 

Essentially, they serve as privacy screens, to reduce noise and as room dividers. They also improve room acoustics and give many rooms a new flair with fresh colors and shapes.

In terms of their appearance and texture, acoustic partitions are extremely diverse. They are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. But the materials and covers of such walls can also differ greatly. 

As a rule, such walls are intended either to be set up on the floor, on table tops or to be mounted on desks.

Many partition walls can be combined so that several elements can be set up next to each other and connected to each other. In this way, the walls can flexibly take on larger dimensions.

Overview of acoustic movable walls and partitions

In the following overview you will find a selection of interesting acoustic partition walls:

Acoustic partitions for the office

In a noisy office, where several people work and talk at the same time, concentration and productivity quickly decrease. 

It is therefore important to ensure a better working atmosphere in offices with acoustic partitions.

Even a situation in which two people are sitting across from each other and talking on the phone at the same time is problematic. Not only in the office itself, but also for people on the other end of the line. 

But if both desks are separated by a soundproof wall that is mounted on the tables, the situation is much more relaxed, as this reduces the noise level.

But not only the sound-absorbing effect offers many advantages. The fact that such a partition also functions as a privacy screen makes working more pleasant. 

By cleverly combining several acoustic partitions, spatially separated zones can be created that are shielded from each other and thus create more privacy.

Acoustic partitions for the large office (Open Space Office) 

Even more important than in separate offices are acoustic partitions in open-plan offices.

Here, many employees sit together in large rooms that have an unfavorable acoustic profile.

Therefore, individual small zones should be created in open-plan offices using acoustic partitions, which contribute to significantly less interference from other employees and significantly reduce the noise level.

Depending on the local conditions, individual workstations or groups of workstations can be partitioned off. The room can also be divided into individual areas.

Desk partitions, which can be easily attached to the back of the desk, also provide good service, thus separating loud colleagues from those on the phone and other unpleasant background noises.

On top of that, it makes sense to separate devices such as printers and copiers from the rest of the room with sound-absorbing partitions.

Due to the wide range of acoustic partition walls in different dimensions, the possibilities are manifold. With the right choice of elements, excellent results can be achieved.

Acoustic partition for the home office

Anyone who works from home regularly or only occasionally needs quiet to be able to concentrate. If a separate room is available as an office for working, which is used alone, then that is not a problem.

Unfortunately, however, this is not always the case. Especially during the pandemic, many home office users spontaneously joined and had to improvise. 

It was not uncommon for people to work at the kitchen table or from the living room. You don’t always have the necessary peace and quiet there to work in a concentrated manner or to make important phone calls. Things get difficult, especially when other family members or roommates are present.

In such situations, it can be extremely helpful to temporarily set up an acoustic partition to isolate yourself from the environment in a certain way. 

For example, a table in the living room that is temporarily used as a home office could be separated from the rest of the room with an acoustic partition. In this case, not only is privacy important, but also the ability to block background noise.

Such a separation creates a completely different feeling when working. You can concentrate better and phone calls are easier to make thanks to the acoustic separation.

In addition to such partitions, there are a few other measures that improve sound insulation for the home office . 

Soundproof partition walls for trade fairs

Anyone who has worked at a trade fair or attended one knows how noisy it can get there at times. Therefore, every opportunity to separate your own booth from the rest of the action is a welcome measure.

Soundproofing partitions for trade fairs do an excellent job in this regard, as they absorb sound and reduce reflections. As a result, speech intelligibility increases and communication at the exhibition stand is significantly improved.

In addition, such partition walls act as room dividers and can thus spatially separate certain areas from each other. Important customer meetings and presentations can thus be realized better.

Furthermore, noise protection screens are easy to set up and do not have to be glued or screwed on. This means that they can be reused at any time and are easy to set up.

They also look good and can even serve as an advertising medium if necessary. 

Acoustic partition as a room divider for the home

As a rule, acoustic partition walls are used in the professional environment and are therefore mostly used in offices.

However, there is no reason not to use such partitions at home, outside of the home office. 

Depending on the size of the room and the decor, it is sometimes desirable to separate part of the living room from the rest. For example, it is often a good idea to separate the sofa and television from the rest of the room. 

For example, if the couch is freestanding in the room, many people feel more comfortable with a wall behind them. A partition wall can help here.

This not only promises more peace and quiet when watching TV, but also contributes to more comfort. 

Due to the large range of acoustic partition walls in various sizes and bright colors, it is no longer a problem to find a partition wall that suits the interior.

In addition, a special soundproof curtain can be very helpful , especially in the living room or bedroom, and ensure more peace.

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