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Quiet Fan – Cooling Down And Relaxing

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Summer, sun, sunshine – for many people the easy life begins in summer. Just lie comfortably on the couch or in bed and read a good book in a cool breeze from the fan – that’s how you can put up with the heat.

Many fans, however, thwart this ideal, because they are simply too loud when in operation.

But it doesn’t have to be. A quiet fan should help here and ensure maximum rest and relaxation despite the cooling breeze.

What types of fans are there?

Before you decide on a particularly quiet fan, you should first take a look at the different types of fans on the market. Because that’s a lot.

A main distinction is made between the following types of fans, which differ in terms of design and purpose. These are:

  • Pedestal fan
  • Tower fan (column fan)
  • Table fan
  • Ceiling fan

There are also other types such as the wall fan, the auto fan, the clip fan, the design fan, the USD fan, the hand fan and the mini fan.

But how do these species differ? We would like to clarify this in the following and take a look at the four most common fan types.

Pedestal fan

Pedestal fans are certainly one of the classics of their kind and are widely used. Such a device stands on stable feet on the floor and can usually be adjusted in height using a telescopic rod. As a rule, the angle of inclination of the head can also be adjusted.

A typical feature of the pedestal fan is also the swivel head, which, if desired, moves slowly back and forth during operation in order to reach as large a part of the room as possible with its air flow.

Pedestal fans are very flexible and can be set up in almost any room. Due to their size and the different setting options, such devices can reach almost any area of ​​the room with their airflow.

Pedestal fans are suitable for large and small rooms. Due to their design and dimensions, however, such devices are relatively bulky and bulky.

  • Long range
  • Can be set up flexibly
  • Mostly adjustable in height
  • Mobile
  • relatively large and bulky
  • Bulky when storing

Quiet pedestal fan

A quiet standing fan is the Rowenta Turbo Silence Extreme standing fan , which you can buy here on Amazon * . According to the manufacturer, the volume is only 45 dB (A) in the minimum position, while it is 59 dB (A) in the maximum position.

Thanks to its 5 propellers, the Rowenta Turbo Silence Extreme ensures air circulation of up to 80 m3 / min. Its rotor diameter is 40 cm and the power 70 watts.

The model has 4 speed levels, a night mode, a turbo boost mode and is also oscillating.

The device also has a carrying handle and an on / off switch. The fan is height adjustable from 110 cm to 140 cm.


ROWENTA VU5640 TURBO SILENCE EXTREME, quiet, 40W, fan, 4 speed levels

ROWENTA VU5640 TURBO SILENCE EXTREME, quiet, 40W, fan, 4 speed levels *

  • The most powerful and quietest premium fan from Rowenta
  • Extreme freshness – produces up to 80 m³ of air flow per minute
  • Can imitate a natural breeze by varying the airflow

Tower fan (column fan)

A tower fan or column fan comes from the design like a tower or a column, namely narrow and long. Hence these models got their name. The advantage of this design is the reduced width, so that tower fans do not take up as much space as a pedestal fan, for example.

But the functionality of a column fan also differs from classic devices with large blades or rotors. In contrast to conventional devices, the moving parts of tower fans are usually located inside the device. This type of construction provides a certain level of security, especially with children and pets.

In addition, such models are less bulky and easier to transport and store.

  • Space saving
  • Modern look
  • Mobile
  • Mostly not height adjustable

Quiet tower fan (column fan)

A quiet tower fan is the Rowenta VU6670 Eole Infinite tower fan , which you can buy here on Amazon * .

This tower fan has 3 speed levels (200/280/350 m3 / h) and an automatic oscillation with 180 °.

The particularly quiet and powerful tangential fan ensures a maximum volume of 57-53-45 db (A).

The built-in timer enables automatic shutdown after up to 8 hours. The device also has an auto function in which the air speed is automatically adjusted to the room temperature. The room temperature display is also practical.

The air intake grille can be removed for easy cleaning. A safety lock system, a remote control and an ergonomic handle that can be stowed in the device round off the range of features.

The power of the Rowenta VU6670 Eole Infinite tower fan is 40 watts.


Rowenta VU6670 Eole Infinite tower fan, quiet, 40W, fan, 3 speed levels

Rowenta VU6670 Eole Infinite tower fan, quiet, 40W, fan, 3 speed levels *

  • Tower fan with digital control display (LED) and particularly quiet and powerful tangential fan with automatic oscillation (180 °)
  • Three speed levels (200/280/350 m3 / h) and volume max. 57/53/45 db (A)
  • Auto function: The air speed is automatically adjusted to the room temperature

Table fan

As the name suggests, a table fan is usually placed on a table. This means that table fans are relatively small and handy. However, these devices are usually not as powerful as standing fans and are usually only intended to reach their immediate surroundings with their cooling air flow.

Centrally positioned, for example on a sideboard, a large table fan can still be sufficient for a small room.

  • Relatively small and space-saving
  • Can be set up flexibly
  • Mobile
  • Limited performance

Quiet table fan

A quiet table fan is the Rowenta Turbo Silence Extreme table fan , which you can buy here on Amazon * .

At the minimum position the volume is only 45 dB (A), while at the maximum position it is 57 dB (A).

Thanks to its 5 propellers and turbo level, this fan creates lift circulation of up to 44 m3 / min. The rotor diameter is 30 cm.

The Rowenta VU2630 has 4 speed levels, night mode, turbo boost mode and is oscillating.

The device also has a carrying handle and an on / off switch. The power is 40 watts.

Rowenta VU2630 table fan Turbo Silence Extreme, fan, 4 speed levels, 3 W, silver, black, gray and white

Rowenta VU2630 table fan Turbo Silence Extreme, fan, 4 speed levels, 3 W, silver, black, gray and white *

  • Provides a breath of fresh air in every room and is super quiet.
  • Very quiet at only 45 dB (A) in the minimum position and 57 dB (A) in the maximum position
  • Up to 44 m3 / min lift circulation thanks to 5 propellers and turbo level

Ceiling fan

A ceiling fan is permanently installed on the ceiling and therefore cannot change its location. That is why it is important to choose the best location during installation so that the ceiling fan can reach the entire room with the desired airflow.

In addition to the location, the size of the wing is also decisive. These must also be correctly sized for the size of the room.

Ceiling fans are often found in cafes, restaurants and pubs. But such devices are also welcome guests in your own four walls. The great advantage of a ceiling fan is that mounting it on the ceiling does not waste any unnecessary space in the room.

While other fans can simply be put away when not in use (for example in winter), such a model is also visible when it is not needed thanks to the fixed installation. One should consider this before assembly.

  • Space saving
  • High room coverage
  • Permanently visible
  • Not mobile

Quiet ceiling fan

A quiet ceiling fan is the Westinghouse 7255740 Bendan ceiling fan , which you can buy here on Amazon * .

The Bendan ceiling fan is specified with a sound level of 50 dB (A). The maximum air flow is 159 m3 / min. The device has 5 blades and creates 175/131/83 revolutions per minute with an output of 56/31/14 watts.

In addition to its function as a ceiling fan, the device also offers an integrated light. The fan and lighting are controlled using the remote control supplied.

The Westinghouse Bendan ceiling fan is designed to be used all year round. In summer, the ceiling fan runs counter-clockwise, creating an air flow that has a cooling effect on the skin.

In winter operation, the fan runs clockwise to the right. This distributes the warm air that collects under the ceiling evenly in the room. This can prevent drafts and cold spots.


132 cm ceiling fan Bendan 72557 with single lamp and five blades, design in satin chrome with opal frosted glass

132 cm ceiling fan Bendan 72557 with single lamp and five blades, version in satin chrome with opal frosted glass *

  • Contemporary 132 cm indoor ceiling fan in satin chrome for rooms over 25 square meters
  • Five wengue-colored blades, lamp with opal frosted glass incl. 80 watt bulbs with R7 socket, suitable for LEDs
  • Remote control with three speed levels, on / off switch for the fan and on / off switch for the lighting, switch for summer and winter operation

By the way: You shouldn’t wait until the hot days have come to buy a fan. Because as soon as the temperatures exceed 30 degrees, it is possible that good fans are sold out in many shops.

Special fans

If you want to find out more about quiet fans before buying, you can’t avoid Dyson fans. These devices have a very special design and do not have the typical rotor blades.

Rather, the patented Air Multiplier technology draws in and amplifies the ambient air at the foot of the device. The new Dyson Cool fans are described as quiet and powerful.

Dyson Cool AM07 tower fan

The Dyson Cool AM07 tower fan, which you can buy here at Amazon * , is said to be 60% quieter than the previous model.

This model comes with the patented Air Multiplier technology. A jet of air sucks in the surrounding air and amplifies it. This creates an even and pleasant air flow without any rotor blades.

With a remote control, sleep timer function and precise setting options, this device actually offers everything you would expect from a good fan these days.

In terms of design and functions, this fan is certainly one of the frontrunners. We are not aware of a more futuristic device. As you can see, this device also has its price.

How does a quiet fan differ from a normal device?

As an interested customer, you can of course ask yourself how a quiet fan differs from a “normal” device. In fact, there are no significant structural differences in this regard. In principle, both devices have the same structure.

Nevertheless, many manufacturers are always trying to get their devices quieter. The number, shape and size of the rotor blades play a role, as does the rotor diameter.

How does a fan cool down?

Still and moving air have the same temperature. A fan cannot cool the air in the room, no matter how fast it rotates. But we humans do.

Similar to a pleasant airstream in summer, we also find the moving air of a fan to be pleasantly cooling.

The reason:
Since we sweat in the heat and excrete sweat through the skin, the air close to the body is relatively humid. A fan can blow this humid air away. This causes the sweat to evaporate on the skin, creating evaporative cooling. The body heat is dissipated faster. That has a cooling effect.

In addition, a fan can blow away the warm layer over the skin, which acts as a heat insulator. This way we cool down faster.

When and where does a quiet fan make sense?

When it gets almost unbearably hot in summer, a fan can provide cooling. In most cases, however, such a device runs for several hours at a time, which is why the noise level naturally plays an important role.

There are many environments in which only a quiet fan can be used. For example in the bedroom, where it should be as quiet as possible so as not to disturb sleep.

But in other areas of the home as well, for example in the living room, more and more people value maximum rest.

And in the office you should also pay attention to a quiet environment. If the device is too loud at work, this could impair concentration.

Just as you value a quiet vacuum cleaner , a quiet washing machine or a quiet refrigerator , for example , a quiet fan can be desirable.

In general, it never hurts to pay attention to the noise pollution to be expected when buying a new household appliance. Because rest is important for our well-being.

Quiet fan for the bedroom

We all know that the temperature in the bedroom is one of the most important factors for a good night’s sleep. A cool bedroom is a real treat, especially in hot summer.

Although a fan cannot lower the temperature in the bedroom, it can still provide a subjectively cooler room climate with a cool breeze. The air circulation is also often perceived as pleasant in summer.

For a good sleep, however, we also need rest in the bedroom. For this reason, the only option in the bedroom is a quiet fan that is so quiet when in operation that it does not disturb our sleep.

How quiet is a low-noise fan really?

How quiet is a low-noise fan really?
How quiet is a low-noise fan really?

The matter of the volume of household appliances and other things is an issue in itself. Because not everyone perceives volume in the same way. It can happen that one person already perceives a noise as very annoying, while another person hardly perceives the same noise.


In customer reviews of certain products you can also read again and again that one customer describes the operating noises of a device as quiet, while another customer judges that the device is much too loud.

As a customer, we therefore have no choice but to trust the manufacturer’s information on noise development. Even if we do not initially know exactly how and under what circumstances these sound levels were measured.

Quiet equipment is often used when the noise level is below 50 dB (A) (measured at a distance of 1 meter). This value roughly corresponds to the noise level of quiet radio music.

At a value of 45 dB (A) one speaks of a typical quiet apartment.

Now we can better classify the devices selected above. For the quiet table fan, the quiet pedestal fan and the quiet tower fan, the manufacturer specifies a noise level of 45 db (A) each at the lowest level.

With this value you can definitely say that it is a quiet device. If you operate the respective fan at a higher level, then of course the operating noise also increases.

Quiet fan test

One or the other potential customer would like to find out more about the devices in question and read as many test reports as possible before buying. A popular contact point for serious test reports is of course the Stiftung Warentest.

In 2012, Stiftung Warentest published an article entitled “Heat protection – what really helps against heat”. In addition to air conditioners, blinds and sun protection films, this article also deals with fans.

With a Dyson and two Honeywell devices, this article briefly looked at three different fans. Unfortunately, this is not a comprehensive and detailed fan test.

Nevertheless, this article offers some interesting information on the subject of heat protection.

Quiet fan purchase advice

Quiet fan purchase advice
Quiet fan purchase advice

If you want to buy a fan that is as quiet as possible, you should pay attention to a few points before buying. The following purchase criteria can be important:


We have already dealt with the volume issue in detail. Since we are looking for a quiet fan, we of course have to observe the manufacturer’s information on the sound level. Because this information is the only value by which we can determine the volume of the device.

In addition to the manufacturer’s information, customer reviews are also important information. These reviews also regularly contain assessments and opinions on the volume of the fans.


We have already discussed in detail the various fan types and their advantages and disadvantages in this article.

For a normal room, most people choose either a column fan or a pedestal fan. But a good table fan can also be of great value if it is placed correctly.


The power of fans is given in watts. The more watts, the more powerful. Since you don’t always run a fan at the highest level, it is also important to pay attention to the power levels available.

Size and diameter

The size and diameter of the fan should match the room. If you are only looking for a quiet fan for a small room, you do not have to use the largest device.

Especially with ceiling fans, it is important that the device fits the size of the room, as these are installed firmly on the ceiling.

Power consumption

In general, it can’t hurt to pay attention to the power consumption of every electronic household device. With every new electronic device, a new consumer is added. Calculated over the year, this can be seen on the electricity bill.

Especially in offices, in which such a device is operated in almost every room, the electricity costs add up noticeably.

Features and functions

The features and functions of a quiet fan are always particularly interesting. Features like a remote control and a timer can be important.

The steps available also play a role, as does the question of whether the head can be tilted and swiveled.


Of course, the price is also an important purchase criterion. And in fact, even with relatively simple devices such as fans, you can find a fairly wide price range.

Here it is important to individually weigh up whether expensive devices are worth the extra charge due to their properties.

Due to the large range of fans, however, there should be a suitable device for almost every budget.

Well-known brands and manufacturers of quiet fans:

Alpatec, Arctic Breeze, Bestron, Brandson, Dyson, AEG, Honeywell, Rowenta, Hunter, Helios, Caframo, Faro, Serien Lighting, Westinghouse

Quiet fan conclusion

Even if a fan is not able to cool a room, such a device can still cool us down. And that is exactly what we want to achieve in unbearable heat.

So a fan can serve us well in summer. So that we don’t feel particularly disturbed even though the device is running, we have looked at some particularly quiet fans in this article and introduced them briefly.

So the next hot summer can come.

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