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Quiet Treadmill For Training In Your Own Four Walls

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Would you like a quiet treadmill that you can use to exercise at home in peace and quiet while showing consideration for your neighbors?

Then you are exactly right here.

Because it is actually a good idea to think about the expected background noise before buying fitness equipment for training in your own four walls.

Some devices can be so loud during operation that trouble with the neighbors is practically inevitable. And that doesn’t have to be the case, does it?

In this article we will deal with exactly this topic and see if there are also quiet treadmills.

The dream of your own treadmill

Many people have long cherished dreams of having their own treadmill at home.

Because with it you can train at any time regardless of the weather and in peace. And that really well and professionally.

No monthly gym fees, no travel, no waiting times, no annoying members, no dirty showers, no stuffy changing rooms, no noisy surroundings and no bad weather.

You simply create your ideal training environment yourself.

Exercising at your home will save you a lot of time and stress. And even money in the long term, as you don’t have to pay any monthly fees to a studio.

Fitness training in your own four walls has a lot of advantages, and not just since Corona.

But one or the other shy away from buying a treadmill because they are worried about excessive noise.

Of course, this concern is basically justified if you are not living in your own house where you can do whatever you want without consideration.

Because the fact is that even with the best treadmill, training does not go silently.

But you probably already know that.

So what to do Can a quiet treadmill be the solution? Perhaps.

Take a look at these treadmills

For the following 3 treadmills, the manufacturer has given more or less specific information on the volume (motor). Unfortunately, this cannot be taken for granted.

So here are numbers that we can compare with each other.

So take a look at the following 3 models:

Fitifito FT850 treadmill

The Fitifito FT850 treadmill (➔ view here at Amazon * ) has a 7 HP motor (continuous output of 3.5 HP) and runs up to 22 km / h. The 8-zone cushioning system with a multi-layer running surface is gentle on the joints while running.

The high dead weight of 91 kg indicates good stability and resilience and can therefore easily accommodate a max. Carry a load weight of 150 kg.

The treadmill has a TÜV GS seal.

Note on volume: According to the manufacturer, the sound power level reaches about 75 db at the highest speed.

View on Amazon *

Sportstech F37 professional treadmill

The Sportstech F37 professional treadmill (➔ view here on Amazon * ) has a powerful 7 HP motor and reaches top speeds of up to 20 km / h.

The 8-zone cushioning system and the 5-layer running belt ensure comfortable training and safely absorb the impact energy. This will prevent symptoms of fatigue and injuries to your knees and joints.

The treadmill is TÜV GS tested.

Note on volume: According to the manufacturer, the engine manages to stay below 75 dB with its quiet drive technology.

View on Amazon *

Sportstech FX300 Ultra Slim treadmill

The Sportstech FX300 Ultra Slim treadmill (➔ view here at Amazon * ) has a 2 HP DC motor and impresses with a top performance of 16 km / h.

Knee-friendly training is possible thanks to the joint-friendly cushioning technology with 5-fold multi-layer running surface.

Note on the volume: According to the manufacturer, the low-maintenance motor has an absolutely low noise level of 60 dB.

View on Amazon *

If you can’t imagine that much under the information ur volume, then take a look at our sound level meter test . There we published a table with different sound sources and their volume.

This enables you to better assess the manufacturer’s information and relate it to other sound sources.

Use a floor mat

Even if you buy a quiet treadmill, you should definitely use a protective floor mat, such as the one here on Amazon * .

Because with a good protective mat you can create another non-slip layer between the treadmill and the floor.

This not only protects your floor from scratches and pressure points from the treadmill, but also dampens your training noises.

And if you sweat while exercising or a little water goes wrong while running, the mat also protects your floor from dirt.

How can you recognize a quiet treadmill?

Detecting a quiet treadmill
Detecting a quiet treadmill

Have you ever looked at the range of treadmills?

Phew, there really are a lot of them. You can quickly get the feeling that you can no longer see the forest for the trees. The offer is actually very large.

Treadmills are available from many different manufacturers and in a very wide price range.

From a few hundred euros to 5-digit amounts, everything is included. But which of them is particularly quiet and suitable for home training?

First of all: a quiet treadmill cannot be recognized by its price. Whether a treadmill runs quietly depends on a number of factors.

In some cases even by those who are not directly involved with the treadmill.

But let’s first look at some of the properties of quiet treadmills. These properties are primarily:

  • Engine power
  • Shock absorbers
  • Running mat type
  • Frame construction
  • Weight

Let’s take a closer look at these points below:

Engine power

The motor power of a treadmill is responsible, among other things, for smooth running and contributes significantly to smooth running.

A sufficiently powerful motor offers you a steady run even with heavy weight or speed loads.

Shock absorber and running mat type

When it comes to damping a treadmill, it is primarily not a question of whether and how well the treadmill dampens noise downwards, but rather how easy it is to train on it.

Good cushioning is therefore gentler on the muscles, tendons and joints.

The type of running mat and shock absorber also contribute to smoother running. And a treadmill that runs smoothly causes less background noise during training.

This is why shock absorbers and the type of running mat are important, as the noise generated by the damping is considerably reduced. A treadmill with good cushioning can therefore often be used in a rented apartment if the other factors are also consistent.

Frame construction and weight

Frame construction and weight are important for the stability of a treadmill. The more stable the treadmill, the quieter it is in operation, provided that the other properties are also suitable.

Imagine you are exercising on a treadmill that rattles, rattles and squeaks when you run, or that is not stable on the floor. Quiet and calm training is not possible on such a device.

A high dead weight and a stable frame construction are therefore important for a quiet training. You are doing yourself no favors with anything else.

As you can see, there isn’t one big factor that makes a quiet treadmill. Rather, it is a combination of various factors that determine the overall picture.

Overall, when making your selection, you should make sure that you only shortlist very high quality devices that guarantee the above-mentioned properties.

Don’t underestimate personal factors

Running style, running speed and weight

Personal factors apart from the treadmill, such as weight and running style, also play a role. A man who weighs 100 kilograms usually makes more noise on the treadmill than a woman who weighs 50 kilograms.

Because in this example, double the amount of weight is simply placed on the treadmill with every step. And this is of course noticeable in terms of volume and vibrations.

It is similar with running speed. In terms of noise, it makes a difference whether you train slowly at 5 km / h or as fast as 20 km / h on your treadmill, for example. That should be clear.

And then the running style is also a decisive factor. It can also make a difference whether you are light-footed and quiet as a forefoot runner, or rather stomping as a heel runner.

If you sneak quietly to the bathroom at night so as not to wake anyone, then you are definitely not running on your heels.

You can find out more about the different running styles, such as running the back of the foot (heel running), running the metatarsus and running the forefoot at Wikipedia .

External factors

Floor and type

And then there are also some external factors.

For example, when you want to train, the floor you live on, the condition of your apartment and of course the sensitivity of your neighbors.

For example, if you live directly on the ground floor, there is usually no one below you who can complain about the noise of your training. Unless there is still a basement or someone lives in the basement. But let’s not hope so.

Because most of the noise comes naturally when you run on a treadmill downwards.

The style of the house can also make a difference.

For example, we once lived in an apartment building that was so badly soundproofed that you could see almost everything from next door, above and below.

In this house people complained to us when we walked around the apartment normally in quiet slippers . Of course this is not possible.

In this extremely badly soundproofed apartment, even a quiet treadmill would have been of no use. No training would have been possible here. Unfortunately, such circumstances also exist.

As beautiful as they are: Old buildings in particular often have the property that vibrations and noise due to vibrating beams in the floor area are transmitted much better to other apartments than in new buildings with a stable concrete ceiling.

However, it always depends to a certain extent on the neighbors and the relationship to them. We hope you don’t have any problems with that.

Because unfortunately you can’t choose your neighbors. You have to deal with those that you have.

These external and very individual factors make it so difficult to benefit from the experiences of other treadmill owners.

It is of no use to you if a friend assures you that they have never had problems with their neighbors about treadmill training. Because with you, the situation can be completely different.

Here everyone has to assess for themselves and their living situation whether a quiet treadmill is worth an investment or whether running training at home has no prospect of lasting success.

Arrange with the neighbor

Arrange with the neighbor

Of course, it’s always nice to have a good relationship with your neighbors. If this is not the case, living can sometimes become hell.

If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, it can make sense to talk to them about your plans.

In such a conversation you can say that you intend to buy a quiet treadmill to train, but of course you want to show consideration for your neighbors.

The most pious cannot live in peace if the wicked neighbor does not like it.

Friedrich Schiller (from Wilhelm Tell)

In this way you could possibly lay down some rules that your neighbor can live with.

Such rules could be specific times when you can train, for example. Maybe your neighbor is never home at certain times? Maybe this would be a good time for your training.

Or times when it is better not to train. Of course, however, it should be for you that you do not train during the usual rest periods.

Because in a rented apartment that will certainly lead to considerable problems sooner rather than later.

The location of the treadmill could also play a role. Perhaps the treadmill is less of a bother in one room than in another.

Whatever. Such conversations can often work wonders and avoid anger in advance. Because if everyone shows the other a little consideration, everyone is helped.

For example, we once had a neighbor above us who thoughtlessly liked to start her washing machine shortly before midnight.

However, this machine could still be heard very loudly in our bedroom, so that we could not sleep at all. Especially not when the spin cycle started at 1 a.m.

Fortunately, we had a really good relationship with her and we were able to speak to her kindly. And actually she was very embarrassed. She apologized for this and stopped this behavior immediately.

She herself had never thought about it before, since nobody lived above her anymore and she had almost no noise from above on her screen.

As I said, talking can sometimes work wonders. But of course we also know that this is not possible with every neighbor. Unfortunately.

Try the quiet treadmill in the store before buying

Even if it is very pleasant to shop on the Internet, it can be a good idea to visit a specialist home fitness store. You can then simply try out several treadmills personally on site.

It is best to call them beforehand to ask if there are several models available for testing.

This gives you a good impression of the volume of the individual devices and allows you to choose a particularly quiet treadmill.

However, you should note that a treadmill in the store can have a very different effect in terms of volume than at home.

For example, if the treadmill in the shop is on a solid concrete floor, while you have a springy wooden floor at home.

Of course, the acoustics and background noise in a shop like this cannot be compared with your home.

So it could well be that everything stays nice and quiet in the shop while the walls at home are already shaking during the same training, to put it a bit exaggerated.

So keep that in mind.

What you can do now

But what does it all mean for you? Can you buy a quiet treadmill now, or not?

Well, that means that, based on the amount of information for yourself and your living conditions, you now have to estimate whether you should buy a quiet treadmill or not.

Because no one else can make this decision because no one knows your requirements.

Here again, briefly and compactly, what you can pay attention to:


  • Engine power
  • Shock absorbers
  • Running mat type
  • Frame construction
  • Weight

External factors

  • floor
  • neighbours
  • Type of house

Personal factors

  • Type of running (heel runners, metatarsals or forefoot runners)
  • Weight
  • speed
  • Training times

Quiet treadmill conclusion

As you can see, the whole thing is not that easy. There is no single quiet treadmill that is suitable for every person and every situation.

Whether you can work out on a treadmill in your apartment without disturbing your neighbors too much depends on many different factors.

There are certainly loads of people who can work out on their treadmill at home without any problems. But there are certainly just as many who cannot do this due to their living situation.

If a quiet treadmill is not an option for you because the conditions simply do not allow it, then of course that does not mean that you have to do without your running training.

Because if you just run outside, then of course no neighbor can talk you into your training.

And if that is also out of the question for you, then of course there is still the gym.

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