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A Toilet Seat With Soft Close Has These 7 Advantages

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The bathroom and toilet are places in the apartment where it can be quite noisy at times. Toilet flushing, showers or even the hair dryer are often so loud that they can be heard throughout the apartment.

The falling toilet lid often makes for a very short but violent noise in the form of a loud bang. However, this annoying noise can very easily be eliminated forever.

All you need is a toilet seat with soft close , like this one here on Amazon * .

With a toilet lid like this, you not only ensure more peace and quiet, but also increase comfort and safety.

Close the toilet lid or leave it open? – That is the question

Whether in the family or in the shared flat – wherever toilets are shared, sooner or later the question often arises whether the toilet lid should be closed or left open.

Opinions are often divided on this question and each side can come up with conclusive arguments on this question.

Some find a closed toilet lid more hygienic and aesthetic, while the other side sees this process as a pure waste of time and unnecessary work.

A toilet lid with a soft close mechanism can be at least a little bit helpful in answering this question.

Because with such a toilet lid, a little nudge is enough – and the toilet lid moves slowly and calmly downwards as if by magic and closes almost noiselessly.

Incidentally, this not only works with the toilet seat, but also with the toilet seat, as both elements are connected to one another by a hinge. On the way down, both elements are braked and close gently and quietly.

It really doesn’t do any work and you don’t have to bend down for it.

In English one would say that a toilet seat with soft close is a “no-brainer”. In other words, a purchase that is a matter of course and that you don’t even need to think about.


WENKO toilet seat Secura Comfort up to 150 kg load capacity, hygienic toilet seat with 5 cm raised seat, Easy Close automatic lowering, maximum seating security, made of antibacterial duroplast, 37 x 43.5 cm

WENKO toilet seat Secura Comfort up to 150 kg load capacity, hygiene toilet seat with 5 cm raised seat, Easy Close automatic lowering, maximum seating security, made of antibacterial duroplast, 37 x 43.5 cm *

  • Optimal sitting position: the 5 cm increase in the seat surface means that the toilet seat offers an optimal sitting position and makes it easier to sit down and stand up
  • Maximum seat security: The built-in, rust-free attachment and the buffers with extra stable lateral brackets ensure maximum seat security without slipping
  • Easy Close automatic lowering: The toilet seat has a lowerable toilet lid that closes gently and quietly by itself, so that loud slamming is prevented and children’s hands are protected

How does a toilet seat with soft close work?

When the toilet lid and toilet seat close slowly, as if by magic, one can wonder how it all works.

The principle behind it is actually quite simple. Usually there is a so-called hydraulic rotary damper in the hinge that connects the lid and the glasses.

These dampers are filled with silicone fluid on the inside and generate counter pressure during the closing process. This then slows down the toilet lid and seat glasses when closing and closes gently and calmly.

As you can see, even a small component can have a big impact and make our lives easier.

The advantages of a toilet lid with soft close

Compared to conventional models, a toilet seat with an automatic lowering mechanism has many advantages. From our point of view, there is actually no longer any reason to use a toilet seat without such a function.

We see the advantages as follows:

  • More silence
  • More comfort
  • Lower risk of injury
  • Prevent damage
  • Longer service life of toilet seat and toilet
  • Easier cleaning
  • Relieves the back

More silence

We are always looking for as much peace and quiet as possible in the household and prefer devices, utensils and equipment that help us with this.

In the bathroom, for example, this could be a quiet hair dryer or an anti-vibration mat for the washing machine .

But of course, a toilet seat with a lowering mechanism is also part of it. Because with such a toilet seat there is no longer a loud bang when the toilet seat or toilet lid is closed.

Both parts of the toilet seat slide down gently and are barely audible. It couldn’t be better.

Such a model is particularly noticeable when there are several people in the household.

But also neighbors or residents below your own apartment will be happy about the absence of loud noises from the toilet seat and the toilet seat.

When I think back to the number of times I heard my neighbors slam the toilet seat overhead in my previous apartment – I would have liked him to have used a toilet seat like this.

More comfort

Models with soft close also offer noticeably more convenience. Because on the one hand you no longer have to be careful that the toilet lid slips out of your hand and on the other hand, a little nudge is enough and the lid closes automatically.

But such a model is also more convenient when it comes to cleaning and cleaning.

Lower risk of injury

Anyone who has ever trapped their fingers on a crashing toilet lid knows how painful it can be.

Children in particular are particularly at risk in this regard. Such an injury can also happen quickly when cleaning.

A toilet lid with a soft-close mechanism effectively prevents glasses or lids from crashing on the toilet with full force and therefore reduces the risk of injury.

Prevent damage

If a toilet lid repeatedly hits the ceramic with full force, this can lead to long-term damage to the toilet bowl and toilet seat.

Small hairline cracks can develop, which over time can develop into veritable damage.

Such damage is effectively prevented with an automatic lowering mechanism.

Longer service life of toilet seat and toilet

By closing gently and preventing damage, you can expect the toilet and seat to last longer. That can save money and hassle.

Easier cleaning

Most models come with a very simple way of removing the entire toilet seat from the bowl in a few seconds.

This is usually ensured by a simple click mechanism or a quick hinge with which the seat is clicked onto two pins that were previously installed.

To remove the seat, simply press a button (or two buttons) to unlock the mechanism.

This makes cleaning the toilet and seat much easier. This means that the toilet can not only be cleaned faster, but also more thoroughly.

And putting it back on again after cleaning is done in next to no time.

Relieves the back

If you want to close a conventional toilet lid quietly, you have to bend down. Especially when you’re really tall. That goes on the back, of course.

With a built-in lowering mechanism, bending over is a thing of the past. Now a little nudge is enough and the lid glides down gently. This relieves the back and the body is happy – especially if you are struggling with back problems anyway.

WENKO toilet seat shell, hygienic toilet seat with soft close, toilet lid with Fix-Clip hygienic fastening, made of antibacterial duroplastic, white

WENKO toilet seat shell, hygienic toilet seat with soft close, toilet lid with Fix-Clip hygienic fastening, made of antibacterial duroplast, white *

  • The toilet toilet lid with shell relief is made of antibacterial, stable thermosetting plastic: the integrated Easy-Close automatic lowering system minimizes disturbing noises. A light tap is enough and it closes gently and quietly
  • With the Fix-Clip hygienic attachment, the toilet seat can be removed from above at any time and put back on again. This allows you to easily clean between the hinges
  • Durable stainless steel hinges ensure a firm hold. An additional rubber insert, which is attached to the toilet bowl with the attachment, prevents it from slipping

You should pay attention to this if you want to buy a toilet lid with a soft close

In addition to the automatic lowering mechanism already mentioned, there are a few other properties that you should pay attention to when buying.


When you buy a toilet lid with a soft close, you already have the best feature on board. However, make sure that the toilet lid can be easily removed and reinserted at the push of a button.

Because then you also have a tangible advantage when cleaning the toilet.


A toilet seat doesn’t always have to be white. There are now toilet seats in different colors and color combinations.

Take a look at these really beautiful and colorful * toilet seats with soft close, which are available in many different colorful designs.

If you like things a little more colorful and unusual, you can also enjoy the toilet seat. This brings color to the throne and breaks through the bleak white that prevails in many toilet rooms.

Some also prefer a toilet seat made of transparent plastic, in which certain objects such as barbed wire or shells are enclosed.


Most toilet seats are made of high quality duroplast. But of course this plastic is not for everyone.

An alternative is, for example, a wooden toilet seat.


A toilet seat isn’t rocket science. However, there are differences in terms of installation. Make sure the seat is easy and quick to install.

Because then anyone can really assemble such a seat and does not have to hire a craftsman.

You can see what the assembly can look like in the following video:


With the large selection of such toilet seats, it is also worthwhile to take a look at the available features. Maybe one or the other function is interesting.

For example, there are models like this one here at Amazon * , which comes with an additional seat ring for small children that can easily be removed when it is no longer needed.

Practical, isn’t it?

According to Wikipedia , there are even now toilet seats with integrated odor extraction. However, we have never seen such models.

Conclusion on the toilet seat with soft close

As you can see, a toilet seat with soft close has a lot of tangible advantages. We are not aware of any disadvantages, except perhaps that such a toilet seat costs a little more than a seat without such a function.

But of course there are also inexpensive designs among such models.

We have been using such a seat for a long time and can definitely recommend buying it.


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