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Sleep Better With Soundproofing For The Bedroom

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As we know, sleep is important for physical and mental recovery. Healthy sleep is the prerequisite for our wellbeing.

When we don’t sleep well, we often feel exhausted, tired and uncomfortable.

Most people can only sleep well and recover sufficiently in a quiet environment. So you can sleep better in a quiet bedroom.

This article will give you tips and tricks for a quiet and cozy bedroom.

Make the quietest room the bedroom

The basis of all further tips should initially be that the quietest room in the apartment or house is chosen as the bedroom and furnished accordingly.

That sounds obvious, but it’s not always taken to heart.

Because of course it is much more difficult to get a noisy room quiet than a room that is already quiet.

It is ideal if the bedroom is not directly on the street or on the train tracks and also has a certain distance from the stairwell and hallway.

It is also advisable if the bedroom is not directly adjacent to the bathroom. Unfortunately, this cannot always be guaranteed due to the floor plan of the apartment.

Position the bed correctly

It is often not that easy to find the right place for the bed in the bedroom.

For maximum peace and quiet, the bed should not be placed directly next to the window, as the window is usually a gateway for outside noise.

The bed should also not be set up directly next to the heater, as annoying noises can be transmitted via heating pipes.

It is equally unfavorable to place the head end of the bed against a wall in which the water pipes in your own house or those of the neighbors run. Otherwise it can happen that the night’s sleep is disturbed every time the neighbor uses the bathroom or goes to the toilet.

Multiple glazing and soundproof windows

Disturbing noises from outside mainly enter the apartment through the windows.

If the bedroom still has old single-glazed windows, this situation should be changed. Because such windows offer little protection from noise.

Double or even triple glazing should already be guaranteed.

However, it is even better if soundproof windows are installed. However, such windows are usually associated with a high price, but can have a very positive effect on sound insulation.

Which sound insulation class is required depends on the existing outside noise and the subjectively perceived volume.

There are a total of 6 sound insulation classes from which to choose. The higher the sound insulation class, the better the sound insulation of the window.

Renew window seals

The main task of window seals is to keep the heat in the interior.

But these seals are also required against the ingress of moisture, against unpleasant drafts and to reduce outside noise.

If window seals are porous, they can no longer adequately protect themselves and should be replaced.

You can usually replace window seals yourself. If you do not want this or do not trust yourself to do this, you can also hire a specialist company.

Here you can find more tips for window noise protection .

Insulate the roller shutter box

If there are shutters, it can have a very positive effect on the night’s sleep if the shutter box is insulated. In older houses in particular, these roller shutter boxes are often not insulated and only consist of a simple wooden box.

For the insulation of a roller shutter box, there are special insulation boards that are glued into the box after all joints and cracks in the box have been sealed with silicone or sealing tape.

An example of this are these self-adhesive insulating rolls for the roller shutter box at Amazon * , which you can easily assemble yourself.

Hang a soundproof curtain in front of the window

A soundproof curtain can also be an easy-to-install option to protect the windows a little better against outside noise.

Such particularly thick curtains can ensure that noise from the outside is a little less annoying.

In addition, such curtains protect against light radiation and are particularly cozy in the bedroom.

We have described all the advantages of such curtains in our article on soundproof curtains .

Hang acoustic pictures on the walls

A simple and also decorative method to ensure a little more peace in the bedroom are so-called acoustic pictures.

Acoustic images ensure better room acoustics and reduce annoying reverberation in the room. This can make the room appear quieter.

In the meantime there are more and more different acoustic pictures to buy so that personal taste can be taken into account. Because an acoustic image should of course not only be functional, but also look beautiful.

Like, for example, this very colored acoustic picture on Amazon * , which is available in different designs and sizes.

By the way: you can easily make acoustic pictures yourself. This has the advantage that you can design the picture according to your own ideas and not have to rely on finished pictures.

Insulate the door against noise

In addition to the window, the door to the room is also a sluice gate for noise in the bedroom. This allows the noise to penetrate from the rest of the apartment or even from the stairwell.

Especially at night, when you want to sleep in peace, noises from the stairwell are particularly annoying. Loud footsteps and opening and closing doors can keep you awake.

If the closed bedroom door cannot absorb such noises, then one can think about insulating the door.

We have already described how to insulate a door against noise in our corresponding article.

Sound insulation of the wall to the neighbor

If nothing really helps and the annoying noise in the bedroom clearly comes from the neighbor and cannot be turned off, then you should think about insulating the wall facing the neighbor.

This can be done by attaching special sound insulation panels, or – even better – with a facing with sound insulation panels.

In the linked article, we have already described in detail how soundproofing the wall from the neighbor is best.

Avoid ticking clocks

In the bedroom, digital clock radios or other digital alarm clocks that do not make any noises are usually used.

However, if you would like to have a wall clock hanging in the bedroom, you should make sure that it is a silent wall clock .

Because even the ticking of a clock can be perceived as annoying by some people.

Pay attention to the floor covering

The choice of flooring also has an impact on the volume. When it comes to absorbing sound, carpeting is particularly suitable.

Shaggy carpets in particular offer the best properties in this regard, but other carpets are also suitable for sound insulation.

Even if you prefer laminate or parquet in the rest of the apartment, you should think about equipping the bedroom with carpeting.

If you don’t want to lay a carpet, you can also put a carpet over the smooth floor covering.

A carpet also contributes to the cosiness in the bedroom.

Watch out for quiet electronic devices

Ideally, there are no electronic devices in the bedroom other than an alarm clock and a lamp.

However, there are some electronic devices that some people want to use in the bedroom as well. These primarily include air conditioning systems, fans or even humidifiers.

If you want to buy such a device for the bedroom, you should make sure to choose a particularly quiet model.

Last resort earplugs

If nothing really helps and all measures fail, then suitable earplugs for sleeping can be a last resort.

The trade offers special earplugs for sleeping, such as these here at Amazon * .


If you want a lot of peace and quiet in a room, it is usually the bedroom. Because a quiet and restful sleep is very important for our well-being.

However, even the smallest of noises can contribute to your own sleep being disturbed.

You don’t have to accept a noisy bedroom, however. Sometimes simple measures are enough to bring a little more peace into the bedroom.

Because as an old wisdom put it so beautifully: There is strength in calm.

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